Friday, October 26, 2007

Why Is Kasparov Badmouthing Russia Abroad?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I know a somewhat famous man who has met Kasparov. He stated that Kasparov was a half-Jew. Bobby Fischer has, I believe, also stated that Kasparov is at least half-Jewish. I do not know if these beliefs are true.

When I hear Kasparov speak, he is often ridiculing Russia. He calls Russia undemocratic and implies that Putin is a fascist dictator who suppresses opposition with a terror squad state police force. Kasparov reminds me of the men and women from Afghanistan and Iraq, who used to parade themselves in the American media, and who defamed their leaders and their country. America has since laid Iraq and Afghanistan to waste.

In the First World War, German Jews who were initially very pro-German began a vicious smear campaign against Germany when the Zionists struck a deal with England for the Balfour Declaration in exchange for bringing America into the war against Germany. Russian Jews—Jews in general—have been defaming Russia and Russians in the West for centuries. They made the Protestant churches they invented very anti-Russian and called the Czar the "anti-Christ", a trend which continues to this day when crypto-Jewish televangelists on the Zionist payroll call Russia and the Russian People "Gog and Magog" as they wrap themselves in the Israeli flag and trick their parishioners into worshiping Jews and abandoning Jesus Christ and the Gospels.

The regular defamations of the Russian People in the Jewish controlled press is very alarming. It appears that the Khazars will have their revenge on the Russ—and the Americans—and the rest of the human race. The Rothschilds have been waging a personal war on the Russian People for centuries. Will the Russians ever begin to fight back in a sensible way?

The Russian Government should produce documentaries exposing how the Israelis have created a "Christian" Zionist fifth column in America, which they are directing to bring nuclear war against Russia based on the Jewish myth of the "Rapture". The Russian Government should document the Jewish war on the Russian People which has been waged for centuries and which has claimed tens of millions of slavic victims of Jewish genocidal aggression. The Russian media, if there is any, should show Kasparov running around American television telling Americans that Russians are terrible.