Thursday, November 01, 2007

Deja Vu All Over Again: Israel Expected to Deny Another Jewish Genocide of Gentiles—Blames Russians for Immoral Israeli Denial

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

World Jewry has been the main force behind the aggressive denial of The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians. Jewry has also long been denying and covering up the Jewish genocide of the Slavs. They do not want their crimes exposed and have brought us to the brink of World War III in order to keep them hidden.

Jewish bankers planned, financed, organized and orchestrated the Russian Revolutions of 1905 and 1917. They created the First World War, in part to destroy the Russian monarchy—and the Russian People. It was an act of revenge of the Jews against the Russians for the Pale of Settlement and for daring to seek to control and keep their own wealth, which World Jewry believes belongs to them. The Jews needed to free up the Jews of the Russian Empire for settlement in the Middle East from Baku to Jerusalem. They needed Jewish soldiers to kill Turks and Arabs.

When the Jews took over the Russian Empire, they began to mass murder the Russians, just as when they took over the Ottoman Empire, they began to mass murder the Armenians, and other Christians. The Jews trapped the Armenians between the Jewish controlled Ottoman Empire and the Jewish controlled Bolsheviks and stole away their newly formed country.

The Jews destroyed Russia in stages. They pitted the Imperial Japanese against the Russians and created the Russo-Japanese War. They funded the Japanese and blocked Russia's access to the money markets. Jews caused massive strikes and pitted the Russian People against the Czar who was trying to save them from Jewry. Before all of this, Jews pitted the Russians against the Turks, and Jews sought to control the trade routes between East and West and block the Russians and Turks from their due profits and participation in this trade, which Rothschild believed belongs to the Jews. In the Crimean War and then the Russo-Turkish War, Jewry progressively weakened Russia and Turkey and pitted Christians against Moslems, and Western Christians against Eastern Christians.

Today, Jewry is again ginning up wars involving Turkey and Russia. They are again blaming Armenian Christians for Jewish crimes against the human race. Today, Israel denies the Armenian Holocaust, which Jewry caused, while falsely blaming Armenians for the war between the Jewish controlled PKK and the Jewish controlled Turkish Government, which war Jewry caused.

Jewry also caused the Ukrainian genocide. The Jew Lazar Kaganovich murdered some ten million innocent Ukrainians at the behest of World Jewry. Jews often bare long held grudges and lusted after Ukrainian blood for a very long time. The Khmelnytsky/Chmielnicki Rebellion, the Deluge and the Russo-Polish War claimed many Jewish lives. In the 1640's, Orthodox Ukrainian Bohdan Chmielnicki alleged that Jews and Polish Catholics had enslaved the peoples who were under Polish control. In retaliation, Chmielnicki allegedly slaughtered large numbers of Jews. Some Jews saw this holocaust as the punishment which signaled the coming of the Messiah. Shabbatai Zevi arrived shortly thereafter to claim the throne of King of the Jews. There were also more recent pogroms, increasingly so in the early 1920's though they have been exaggerated.

The Jewish Bolsheviks, under the control of the Jew Lazar Kaganovich, took revenge and genocided at least ten million Ukrainian slavs. Christian mothers boiled and ate their babies, as Jews burned grain stores to ensure that the Ukrainians would starve. Jews insisted that Christians turn one another in to Jewish authorities in order to ensure that no food would be available and so that no two Christians could cooperate to save themselves from the genocidal Jews who were genociding them.

Just as Israel today denies the Armenian Genocide and scapegoats the Turks for forcing them into this immoral and unconscionable denial, though in reality the Jews are simply covering up their crime of genociding helpless Armenian Christians and scapegoating the Turks for their additional Jewish crime of denial; Israel is expected to deny the Jewish genocide of the Ukrainians and scapegoat the Russians for the Jewish crime of the genocide and the Jewish crime of denial. Anshel Pfeffer writes in Haaretz,

"Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko is expected to ask Israel to recognize the genocide of the Ukrainian people in the 1930s by their communist government when he visits here in about two weeks, sources said. Israel is not expected to accede to the request, which has won the support of Jewish community leaders in Ukraine, so as not to damage its relationship with Vladimir Putin's government at a sensitive time."Anshel Pfeffer, "Ukraine to seek Israeli recognition for 1930s genocide",, (30 October 2007).