Friday, November 02, 2007

The Final Solution to the German Question: Germany's Fate in World War Three

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jewry have often expressed pride in their destruction of ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. I suspect that Germany is slated to suffer an even worse fate, on the pretext of retaliation for Nazi war crimes.

Some Jews have complained that Germany got off virtually scot-free after the Second World War. They lament the fact that the German People worked very hard to rebuild their nation after the crypto-Jewish Nazis deliberately destroyed it. The Zionist Jew Henry Morgenthau, Jr. created a plan to annihilate the Germans. The Jew Theodor Newman Kaufman advocated the genocidal sterilization of all Germans as a "final solution" in 1941 in his book Germany Must Perish!, Argyle Press, Newark, New Jersey, (1941), before the Wannsee-Konferenz occurred. Some Jews even sought to literally "poison the wells" of the German People and mass murder at least six million Germans after the war. The soul of World Jewry cries out for revenge, despite the catastrophic bombing of German cities and mass murders of millions of German POW's during and after the war.

However, the Jewish race war on the German People predates the Second World War by a very long time. The Racist Zionist Jew Moses Hess called for a Jewish race war of extermination against Germany in the 1860's in his book Rom und Jerusalem, which was later translated into English as Rome and Jerusalem: A Study in Jewish Nationalism. During the First World War, Jewish sociologists declared that the Germans were a warlike race that must be destroyed. Again, Jewry has conducted an ongoing war of extermination against the German People for a very long time. They Balkanized Germany into East and West, and then robbed it of its sovereignty through the EU and its puppet Zionist government which is an Israeli fifth column that is subverting the interests of the German People.

Having studied organized Jewish behavior over the centuries, I predict that the Jewish war of extermination against the German People has not ended. I expect that during World War III, Jewry will foment Russian hatred of the Germans for the crimes of the Second World War, and will use its control of Russia to launch a severe series of nuclear strikes on German cities. Germany is highly vulnerable to such an attack for many reasons, including its close proximity to Russia.

Germans would be wise to realize that their slogan of "NIE WIEDER KRIEG" is not only meaningless, it is self-destructive given that World Jewry continues to wage a war of extermination on the German People, defaming you, subverting your government and sovereignty, poisoning your environment, and setting up Russia to annihilate you once and for all time. They will have their revenge on you, if you let them. The Russian attack on Germany may serve as an excuse for the absolute destruction of Russia at the hands of the Jewish controlled Americans.