Thursday, November 08, 2007

For the Profits of Five Million Israeli Jews, Tens of Millions More Gentiles May Die

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

World Jewry is destroying the World economy with its Jewish manufactured wars and Jewish instigated rumors of wars. The depressions Jewry will cause will take the lives of tens of millions of human beings through starvation and disease. Jewry's Third World War may kill us all. It has already destroyed the nations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon.

Israeli fifth columns in America, France and Germany have all blessed Israel's war on Islam, and the Jewish fourth estate couldn't be happier about it. On the scales of Jewish injustice Zionists placed have the dead weight of five million racist, corrupt, bloodthirsty Israeli Jews and the stolen lands of Palestine tipped against the ruin of Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon—soon to be America, Europe, Asia, Africa—the World and the countless corpses accruing in the Jewish war on the human race. But there will never be enough death and destruction to satisfy the bloodthirst of the vampires of Israel. Their selfishness and ingratitude are that of the parasite. It will consume until the host is consumed. For 2,500 years Jewry has sought to consume the entire human race in its prophesied war of ultimate destruction. They will not cease until they are successful. We must stop them. They will not relent by choice.

We have to take back our nations from their control. We have to silence their propaganda. We have to cease all trade and support for their criminal nation. We have to recover our stolen wealth from their bankers. We have to recover our souls, our dignity and our mindset from their hateful and destructive conditioning which again and again has led us to murder one another, and destroy ourselves.

Day after day World Jewry is conditioning us to hate one another, and murder millions upon millions more Moslems. They have already succeeded in turning America into a conscienceless and murderous machine pounding peaceful nations into bloodsoaked sand. They have already succeeded in ruining our economy and poisoning our genetics with radioactive weapons whose poisons will kill our children forever.

Know the enemy. Name the enemy. Israel is our enemy.

They also war against us as they design to kill off Islam. We grow weaker each hour we fight their wars, each hour wasted when we should be fighting them.

Our spirits grow grey and old and cold. Our debts get heavier and higher. Our soldiers' souls sink lower and lower as their bent backs bear the leaden burden of our leaders' treason.

Jewry has pointed us towards a poisoned well. With each bucket of blood we draw from the deadly depths, our thirst gets worse and our days in Hell draw nearer.

We have to stop this now before our children's future is fixed in a coffin made of cowardice. Five million Israeli vampires are not worth the cost in blood of the human race.

Know the enemy. Name the enemy. Isreal is our enemy.

Nail the enemy to its warmongering words and spill light on its terrible tongue. Let the sparkling sun bleach out the sanguine signs of hate and murder which World Jewry has scribbled on the sanctum of sanity, like a tormented death mask which Israel purposefully placed over the face of humanity.

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