Friday, November 09, 2007

The Heresy of "Christian" Zionism: On the New Idolatry of Jew Worship and the Human Sacrifice of Islam in Idolatrous Pursuit of the "Rapture"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

World Jewry has brainwashed tens of millions of American "Christians" to worship Israel and the Jewish People as idols, and abandon the Gospels of Jesus Christ and the blessings of peace. Zionist Jewry have taught these false Christians that if they make human sacrifices out of Moslem and Russian lives to the alter of World Jewry, that they will be blessed.

In this new heresy, Israel and Jewry are the Golden Calf and American "Christian" Zionists have already aided, abetted and committed the kosher slaughter of a million Iraqis and untold numbers of Afghanistanis in order to receive the blessings of their idol, Israel. Predictably, "Christian" Zionist Idolaters have instead been cursed with skyrocketing debt, genetic diseases, lower wages, unemployment, devalued currency, and more wars sold to them on the false promise of still greater "blessings", which will inevitably bring more curses to the anti-Christian idolaters.

"Christian" Zionist Idolaters have been propagandized to believe that they will be blessed if they genocide the Iranians in a mass human sacrifice to their god Israel. These anti-Christ heretics desire to instigate a nuclear world war, so that they can murder billions of human beings in a sacrificial ritual Jewry has taught them will resurrect Christ to the Earth.

Of course, Jewry does not believe the many myths they manufacture for their idolatrous dupes. They set these stumbling stones on the path of former Christians in order to turn them against God and to turn God against them. Jewry has always despised Christianity and delighted in subverting it. They have sought to make Christians their slaves from the very beginning and have succeeded in suckering "Christian" Zionists into worshiping Jews and Israel and committing mass murder as human sacrifices to this new idol, Israel.