Monday, November 19, 2007

How Operatives in the "Patriot Movement" Are Fulfilling THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

World Jewry often acts as a hidden hand to trick the Goyim into demanding their own ruin and destroying themselves in the name of preserving themselves. Subversive Jews and crypto-Jews often teach the Goyim myths which prompt the Goys to destroy their religion in the name of saving it, to destroy government in the name of rescuing it, to restrict the press in the name of freeing it, to bind themselves more tightly to debt in the name of eliminating it, to ruin their cultures in the name of progress, etc. These subversive Jews don't actually believe the lies they promote to the Goyim (consider the growing number of former Communist Jews who now promote Straussian "neo-Conservatism"), rather they lead the Goys into one trap after another, and keep them forever confused and fighting amongst themselves.

If you think the "Patriot Movement" is above such infiltration, you are sadly mistaken. There are many operatives working to undermine our efforts to establish a resistence to organized Jewish power. They use several of the tactics advocated in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and their goals are overtly or covertly the same as those expressed in that work, an English translation of which is republished in chapter 5 of my free online book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein.

One of the more obvious methods of subversion being employed by enemy operatives is the method of scapegoating Catholics for Jewish crimes. The Protocols explain how this is done:

"When the King of Israel [the Jewish Messiah] places the crown offered to him by Europe on his sacred head, he will become the Patriarch of the World. The necessary sacrifices made by him will never equal the number of victims sacrificed to the mania of greatness during the centuries of rivalry between the Goy governments."—Protocol 15

"We will abolish all unlicensed teaching. Students will have the right to gather, with their relatives, in their colleges as if in clubs. During these gatherings, on holidays, the teachers will read supposedly unbiased lectures on problems of human relationship, on the law of imitation, on the cruelty of unrestricted competition, and finally, on new philosophical theories which have not yet been disclosed to the world.

We will promote these theories into dogmatic beliefs, using them as stepping-stones to our faith. After having presented our program of action for the present and for the future, I will read to you the principles of these theories."—Protocol 16

"We have already taken care to discredit the clergy of the GOYS and thus to undermine their function, which at the present time could have been very much in our way. Their influence over the people diminishes daily.

To-day freedom of religion has been proclaimed everywhere; consequently, it is only a question of a few years before the complete collapse of Christendom. It will be still easier to deal with other religions, but it is too early to discuss this problem. We will confine clericalism and clericals within such a narrow field that their influence will have an effect opposite to what it used to have.

When the moment comes to annihilate the Vatican completely, an invisible hand, pointing towards this court, will guide the masses in their assault. When, however, the masses attack, we will come forward as defenders to prevent too much bloodshed. By this method we will penetrate its very heart and will not leave it until we have undermined its power.

The King of Israel [the Jewish Messiah] will become the real Pope of the Universe, the Patriarch of the International Church.

But until we have accomplished the re-education of the youth to new transitional religions and finally to our own, we will not openly attack the existing churches, but will fight them by means of criticism, thus creating dissension.

In general, our press will denounce governmental activities and religion, and will expose the inefficiency of the GOYS in the most unscrupulous terms, so as to humiliate them to such an extent as only our ingenious race is capable of doing. Our rule will simulate the God Vishnu, who resembles us physically; each of our hundred hands will hold one of the springs of the social machine. We will see everything without the aid of the official police; in its present organization, however, which we have worked out for the GOYS, the police prevent the government from seeing anything. According to our program, one-third of our subjects will watch the others from a pure sense of duty, as volunteers for the government. Then it will not be considered disgraceful to be a spy and an informer; on the contrary, it will be regarded as praiseworthy. Unfounded reports, however, will be severely punished to prevent abuse of this privilege.

Our agents will be recruited both from among the highest and the lowest ranks of society; they will be selected from among the pleasure-loving governmental officials, editors, printers, booksellers, salesmen, workmen, drivers, butlers, etc. This police force will have no official rights or credentials, which give opportunity for the abuse of power, and consequently it will be powerless; it will merely act as observer and will make reports. The verification of such reports and the issue of warrants for arrests will rest with a responsible group of police controllers. The actual arrests, however, will be made by a gendarme corps or the municipal police. In case of failure to report any political matter which has been observed or rumored, the person who should have reported it may be brought to trial for concealment of crime, if it is proven that he is guilty.

In the same way that our brethren are now under obligation to report on their own initiative on all apostates, or on any person marked as being opposed to the Kehillah, so in our Universal Kingdom it will be obligatory for all subjects to serve the state in that direction."—Protocol 17

This is not a new tactic by World Jewry. Jewry has sought to divide and conquer Christendom for a very long time, while concurrently Judaizing and enslaving Christians. The "reformers" Martin Luther, John Calvin, Jan Huss, Melchior Hofmann, etc. were each either agents of Jewry or Jews themselves. The counter-reformers like Ignatius Loyola, the father of the Jesuits, were also Jews, or Jewish agents, provoking Christians to battle and destroy one another in the name of defeating the "Anti-Christ", who is instead prophesied to be a Jewish King. A good example of this Jewish engineered battle was the Kulturkampf, during which Jewry pitted Protestants against Catholics and erased the last vestiges of the Holy Roman Empire.

Today, Christian Zionists are Judaizing Christianity and paving the way for the rise of the Jewish King in Jerusalem, the Jewish Anti-Christ / Al-Dajjal, and for the Jewish Noahide Laws. Today, crypto-Jewish Protestants in the "Patriot Movement" are scapegoating Catholics for Jewish crimes against the human race. They continually deflect attention away from Jewish power and Jewish messianic prophecies which are the true source and ultimate goal of "New World Order" dogmas.

They desperately attempt to hide the fact that Jewry prophecies and works towards its messianic goals of the enthronement of a universal Jewish King to rule and judge all human beings (a. k. a. the "Anti-Christ"), the Jewish messianic goal of One World Government ruled by the Jewish King from Jerusalem, the Jewish messianic goal of attaining "Greater Israel" and building a Jewish Temple on the site of the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque, and the Jewish messianic goal of the universal enslavement of the Gentiles, the theft of the wealth of the World and an Apocalyptic war to end all wars.

Jews have been feverishly pursuing these their openly stated objectives for 2,500 years, but this fact is absent in the rhetoric of the Catholic bashing crypto-Jews. While defaming and dehumanizing Catholics, they are constant hypocritical apologists for Jewry, demanding that we all get along—as long as we seek to smear and destroy the Catholic Church. They appeal to the moral principles of Christians as a means to distract them from the truth and to provoke Christians to fight one another.

Not all of the subversive agents in the "Patriot Movement" sell the same snake oil, which they scrape off of their slimy selves. Instead, World Jewry tries to confuse the Goyim and generate fights amongst their Goyische ranks. Some Jewish operatives in the "Patriot Movement" point out the lies of other operatives so as to win themselves credibility and an audience, which they then subvert, and confuse, and pit against other Goys.

One such team even stages fights among its team members creating a soap opera drama which perpetually distracts from the pressing issues of the day, and which creates confusion and disunity in authentic anti-Zionist movements. The same players alternatively attack, then reconcile, with one another, while Jewry wages war on the human race.

This team stages dramas meant to re-educate Goyim to Bolshevik immorality and amorality. They teach the Goys to spy on one another, with staged fights, just as the Cheka/NKVD/KGB, the Stasi, the Nazis, and other Bolsheviks taught their followers and slaves to do. They teach their gullible Goys to fear being recorded and to denounce one another, just as Bolsheviks always do.

In this way, they humiliate people and discourage organization by discouraging communication and fellowship. This same team runs cover for the Bush Administration, discouraging efforts at impeachment, or even mere criticism, on the sophistical basis that Bush and his crew are not the top men in the Zionist gang. We must, of course, pursue all legal and peaceful means to end disproportionate, traitorous and destructive Jewish influence in our nation, and unseating Bush would go a long way towards that end, not by necessarily providing a superior replacement, but rather by establishing for all to see that the American People do not support Zionist warmongers.

We do not ignore crack dealers merely because they are tools of higher powers. We arrest them and pursue their bosses.

It is interesting to observe this team and note how often they utter the same ultimate message as FOX News, though they use differing sophistical means to arrive at it. They often throw up names of powerful Jews, and Jewish religious movements, who are competitors to top Zionist Jews, and in this way Zionist Jewry uses its operatives in the anti-Zionist movement to pressure other competing Jews.

We can see how they sometimes waver in their message, even to pressure Bush and Cheney when they show signs of reluctance to pursue Jewish wars. Then when Bush & Co. again start to toe the radical Zionist line, the pressure is relaxed and the old mantra returns.

When political events really heat up, this team stages fights to distract from events of the day, and/or seeks to coopt the message and steal the thunder of true leaders of the anti-Zionist movement, and thereby embarrass the movement with the team's farcical antics, bogus conspiracy theories, hoaxes and scripted outrageously paranoid delusions. This team has also acted as agents provocateur attempting to incite violence and revolution.

Note that when it is most important for alternative media to speak up and organize to oppose Zionist aggression, as in the case of the Lebanon War and the war between Turkey and the PKK, some elements honorably do just that, whilst others stage distracting fights and/or coopt the message with lies such as stating that these events are "unintended consequences" of American foreign policy.

I will have more to say on these issues in the future, including an explanation as to how the Protocols pertain to presidential politics, the gold standard, the nebulous bogeyman of the "corporate elite" and the use of Jewish bankers as operatives in the anti-Zionist movement.