Saturday, November 03, 2007

How Will We Survive the Third World War Which We Are Starting?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Of course, the best means for survival is to prevent World War III. Perhaps by demanding that Americans face the realities of what a Third World War will mean, and by insisting that we plan for the consequences of our aggression, we can shake the collective psyche of Americans to a will to survive, despite the fact that the American People have become murderous warmakers.

It is beyond dispute that World Jewry is the not so hidden hand pushing us into WW III. So we must ask ourselves, "what do they want to transpire in their war on the human race, and what will it mean for us if and when World Jewry succeeds in suckering us into their war?"

My understanding is that World Jewry considers the Northern European the single greatest threat to the hegemony of the Jewish People in the "End Times". They find the British far more gullible and feeble of mind—easier to control and manipulate and ever ready to fight wars for the benefit of the Jews at the expense of the British People. World Jewry believes that Americans are even more gullible and weakminded than British, Southerners all the more so, being traditionally largely descended from British stock. Solid stupid cannon fodder is how they view the British and Americans.

World Jewry's hatred of the Slav—especially the Russian, Pole and Ukrainian—is well known. World Jewry also cannot tolerate the industrious and independently minded and prideful Japanese.

Having read a great deal of Zionist literature published in the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries, and having studied the statements of racist Zionists including Disraeli, Einstein, Zangwill, and many others, I suspect that World Jewry seeks to annihilate the Northern European, the Eastern Slav and the Japanese. Their desire to devastate Islam is taken as a given for the purposes of this discussion.

The only power capable and willing to wipe out Northern Europe is potentially Russia. The only power capable and willing to wipe out the Russians is NATO and Israel. If my presumptions are correct, it would seem a rather straightforward matter that World Jewry will attempt to have Russia annihilate Northern Europe, and then have America, Britain and Israel annihilate Russia.

It wouldn't be a World War worth having for the Jews, unless it had such World altering consequences, would it? Why would they interrupt business and throw the World into chaos, and risk a backlash of unimaginable horrors against themselves, unless they have hopes of changing the complexion of the Earth to match their End Times prophecies?

So, what are our plans to survive the Third World War we are eagerly planning to start at the behest of World Jewry? Ask your friends and neighbors if they know how to treat severe wounds, radiation sickness and how to purify water and grow food. Ask them if it is worth it to lose their lives, their country and all future generations of their genes for the sake of World Jewry's hatred of the human race.

Most importantly, ask them what they plan to do when the war reaches us. Ask what they will do when they see the mushroom clouds rising. Will they kiss their spouses and children and say goodbye to them forever? Will they curse their gullibility and stupidity? Or will they blame those "damn Russians" Jewry engineered us to attack, and die as stupidly as they have lived?

World Jewry has harvested hundreds of millions of innocent lives in their quest to artificially fulfill Jewish messianic prophecy. Do not doubt even for an instant that they plan to do it to us as surely as we have done it to others at their request.