Thursday, November 08, 2007

We Have to Fight World Jewry on a Billion Fronts

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

We must attack World Jewry from a billion fronts in legal and peaceful ways. We must keep them so occupied in so many confusing conflicts that they have not the time, the manpower, or the endurance to attack the human race with their Third World War.

Governments around the World should pass resolutions condemning Israel and World Jewry for the Jewish genocide of the Armenians, the Slavs, the Germans, the Chinese, the Iraqis, the Palestinians, the Afghanistanis, etc. If the governments won't do it, and they won't, then citizen organizations ought to do it by themselves.

Force Jewry to respond to a billion charges of genocide from around the globe. It will tax their resources and their endurance and keep them too busy on the defensive to start more aggressive mischief. Since World Jewry will be roundly accused of starting wars and mass murdering innocent civilians, we will shine a spotlight on them making it far more difficult for them start more wars and mass murder more people. Scream from every rooftop that Jewry must stop murdering innocent people! Inspire more research into their crimes against the human race.

Governments around the World should sue the Jewish bankers for robbing their citizens of their wealth. Jewry's banking systems have stolen more wealth than has ever been produced resulting in the deliberate enslavement of the human race to Jewry. We must not borrow gold from Jewry at interest on which to base our collapsing currency, because if we borrow gold to create currency we must surrender our currency to the Jews to pay back the debt and borrow yet more to pay the interest. Borrowing gold from Jewry is an unsustainable, unnecessary and disastrous way to manufacture money. If we want gold, we should take back the gold which they have stolen from us.

Consider the fact that if Jewry loans you ten gold coins and charges you an eleventh gold coin as interest so that you will have money with which to run an economy, you must surrender your money back and borrow another coin at interest which cannot be paid back except by further borrowing for the simple reason that it does not exist. Consider that Jewry can at any time melt down the gold of our country by demanding specie payments and ship it off to another country. Jewry can cut back on loans and destroy our businesses and economic growth. Deadly deflation will then hit us, in which our prices will become pathetically low. A man will trade his automobile for a month's worth of food. Jewry will then have the gold to buy up our wealth quite literally at pennies on the dollar.

Alternatively, if we continue to allow Jewry to manufacture our money through debt under the present system which was installed by Jewish bankers in 1913, we give them the incentive to drag us deeper into debt—further into more of their wars. We give them the incentive to make us suffer through depressions of their manufacture. Ultimately, whether we continue to allow them to rob us with their "Federal" Reserve System, or if we take their bait and follow their pied pipers to borrow gold from them at interest, they will demand something substantial in repayment.

They will use Jewish usury to steal all of our businesses, lands and other property. It is Jewish usury which is killing our economy today, the same garrote Jewry wrapped around the neck of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. The same choking mechanism which caused them to be expelled from country after country. And do not doubt it, Jewish leaders want Jews expelled from America to Israel. It is their most cherished wish.

Since our governments are in their hands, we must tie their hands with class action lawsuits demanding back our wealth. Struggling countries whose corrupt leaders have accepted loans which funnel the funds straight back into Jewish coffers, and which strangle these nations with unpayable debt with no return, must sue the Jewish bankers for damages. Make them fight on a billion fronts and they will not have the manpower or endurance to fight back.

Since the press is almost entirely in World Jewry's hands, tie those hands with a billion arguments around the globe. Expose Jewish crimes at every opportunity and demonstrate that the media is little more than an outlet for corrosive hatemongering and warmongering Jewish propaganda. Make politicians pay a political and criminal price for their treason. Keep up the fight across the internet and challenge them at every turn. Wear them down and eat up their resources. At the same time continually expose their crimes and shine a spotlight on them which keeps them on the defensive.

Demonstrate the corrosive impact of the Jewish monopolization of our professional institutions and universities. Prove how corrupt, dogmatic and tribal they are. Show how they clannishly organize to defame innovators and degrade honest individuals. Force them on the defensive and demand reform. They will not have the resources or the endurance to fight forever on a billion fronts.

We can defeat this demon which sips our blood from a golden ladle dipped in a silver cistern which it stole from us. The more fronts we open in our legal and peaceful fight to recapture our humanity from their assault, the sooner we will win. Each peaceful and legal front we open is a blade in the purse of World Jewry, from which our coin will spill out back into our hands. Each crime of theirs which we expose is an open wound they cannot heal through which the light of day will shine onto the seeds of our victory.