Saturday, November 10, 2007

Why Is the Dollar So Vulnerable?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

One good way to give our nation's currency solid value is to ensure that it is an instrument which can be used to purchase the superior products and services of American labor—assuming that there is an actual supply of same and a strong demand for same. Another good way to give our currency solid value is to regulate the supply of money to match the need for it—which assumes that Americans loyal to the interests of the nation have complete control over the supply of money.

There are benefits to having a strong dollar. It lowers the cost of imports. It attracts quality people from around the World, who come to America to earn dollars which they can exchange at a favorable rate for their own currencies back home. It builds faith in our nation and makes our money an international medium of exchange, which means that other nations will be inclined to sell us their goods even more cheaply in order to our acquire our dollars so that they can use them in trade—this is especially true if we maintain the stability of, or improve upon the strength of, our dollars.

There are bad ways to artificially increase the value of our currency. We can demand that it be used as a medium of exchange abroad, thereby lowing the cost of imports and increasing the demand for dollars, which, however, leaves us vulnerable to the compliance of other nations with this unfair and artificial demand. We can offer specie payments in exchange for dollars, offering this value as a bonus to the value of the dollar as a medium of exchange. However, in order to do this we must borrow the gold and silver at interest from the bankers, thereby depriving ourselves of the ownership of our own money supply. We would also become highly vulnerable to the bankers and syndicates which could demand specie payments and thereby cause competitive banks to fail and constrict the money supply of our nation without our consent and against our interests. They would also have the power to deliberately bring us into a depression and deflation by constricting our money supply, which would afford them the opportunity to steal our wealth. In addition to these problems, we would forever accrue debts for which the currency did not exist to pay off these debts, which would require us to borrow more from the bankers, and continually dig ourselves deeper into debt. Whenever we make it profitable to increase the debts of our nation, subversives will bring us into debt by ginning up wars, promoting self-destructive materialism, legalizing usury, etc.

Our currency is vulnerable because we have allowed World Jewry to supply it to us at interest, basing it on debt. This gives World Jewry the power to regulate our money supply and bring us into depressions, as they did in the Thirties (and many times before). This also gives World Jewry the incentive to gin up wars, as they consistently have, and legalize usury, as they have. In more recent decades, our currency has maintained its value somewhat based on its use by other nations for, among other uses, the purchase of oil. This has provided us with benefits, but it is a highly vulnerable system, and, as I explained a year ago, the nations of the World are engaged in a "Quiet Counter-Attack" to destroy our economy so as to subvert our ability to engage in more Jewish instigated wars. Since we have allowed ourselves to become genocidal monsters, the dogs of war for Jewry, the nations of the World have not only the incentive, but the urgent need to destroy the dollar and the US economy, and they are doing it.

Guess who is teaching them how? A group of crypto-Jews from England working for the Rothschilds, who pretend to be Moslem converts and anti-Zionists. . . but that is a story for another day.

It takes work to build a strong nation and a strong currency. We need to produce quality, ethical people, as opposed to ignorant drug addicts and bloodthirsty psychopathic mercenaries. Degenerate gang culture has taken over our nation. It is the culture which the Jewish mafia has sold us in exchange for our souls.

In order for our currency to have authentic, sustainable value, we must make our workforce the best in the World. We have to cease running up unnecessary debts. We have to make sound use of our natural resources for the benefit of all of our people, not just the rich, and not foreigners. We must stop starting wars and build back some good will toward our nation and our people. We must show the World that we are investing in ourselves and that their investment in us is a sound investment, which will not be abused by the warmongering Zionist Jews to eventually attack them.

I hope to write more about the mechanics of producing a sound and sustainable currency in the future as time permits and circumstances warrant. We must in any event not allow the bankers to rob us yet again when they propose the solutions to the problems which they themselves have deliberately caused us. Keep a sharp and watchful eye on characters like Aaron Russo, who will assuredly pop up with easy and false answers to complicated questions. We must be especially watchful as to how the Jewish bankers maneuver to secure their investment in our debt with real assets they can steal from us, such as lands, businesses, property, gold and silver, etc. The full faith and credit of the US is zilch without something upon which they can foreclose, be it our lands, our military, or even our homes, cars, savings, products, agricultural goods, etc. They want us on the gold standard so that they can loan it to us at interest, then take it back, and with it everything else we have; but even if they fail to trick us into demanding a gold standard or an "Amero", they will still try to secure our debt with real property and genuine services.

We owe them nothing but contempt, and we ought to take back our wealth from them, wealth which they have stolen from our people for centuries.