Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Why Would Israel Hesitate to Recognize the Ukrainian Genocide?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Organized Jewry and the Jewish State of Israel go to extraordinary extremes to deny The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians. Will they take such extreme steps to deny the Jewish genocide of Ukrainian Christians?

The Ukrainians have not forgotten who murdered millions of their ancestors. John Marone writes,

"Ukraine's genocide claim comes closer — but is by no means a direct fit — to that of Armenian claim against the Turks. [***] There is no evidence to suggest that a large number of Ukrainians who died during the Holodomor were the victims of direct violence. Moreover, one would be hard pressed to prove ethnic hatred as a motive, excluding the claim by some Ukrainians that the orders from Moscow were made by mostly Jewish communists."John Marone, "UKRAINE'S 'HUNGER' FOR HISTORICAL JUSTICE", EURASIAN HOME ANALYTICAL RESOURCE, (7 November 2007).

The Jewish mass murderer Lazar Kaganovich, who planned and perpetrated the Ukrainian Genocide, especially targeted the "Kulaks", the intelligent and independently minded Ukrainian peasant leaders. Jewry wanted to destroy the genes of the Ukrainian People and leave only the stupid, obedient and passive left alive. They encouraged Ukrainians to spy on one another and report each other to the Jewish authorities. The Jews burned the food which the Ukrainians grew to feed themselves and other nations.

The official excuse which the Jews gave for exterminating the best among the Gentiles and starving some ten million Ukrainians to death, was that they dared to resist Jewish Bolshevik "collectivization". The real reasons were that the Jews wanted to degrade the genes of the Gentiles by killing off their best, the Jews wanted to revenge centuries old scores with the Ukrainian People, the Jews wanted to prevent any possibility that the Gentiles might rule themselves, and the Jews wanted to take the jobs and positions of authority left vacant when they killed off Gentile leaders. Jewry has always sought to hide their crime against the Ukrainians and the human race.