Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Will Israel's Fifth Column of "Christian" Zionists Genocide 1.5 Billion Moslems for the Sake of 5 Million Israeli Jews—Jews Who Are in No Danger?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Israel has created a large fifth column of "Christian" Zionists in America, who worship Jews not Christ, and who will help Jewry to build a Jewish Temple and anoint the Jewish "Messiah" which "anti-Christ" will mock Jesus by his very existence. These fuming and foaming at the mouth genocidal maniacs are eager to attack our fellow human beings with nuclear weapons. What will happen to us when the nuclear bombs start falling, they care not. They believe in the Jewish manufactured lunacy of the "Rapture" and hope to kill us in the billions so that they will be whisked away to Heaven.

A more selfish, stupid, evil, inhuman, hypocritical, murderous, sinful, mentally sick group of human beings is difficult to imagine, until one calls to mind the Jewish billionaires and trillionaires who call the "Christian" Zionists' genocidal tune—and the Israeli Government which has infected our nation with tens of millions of these disloyal and bloodthirsty fanatics.

These anti-Christian Zionists are vampires, who hope to live forever by feeding on the blood of the human race. Michael Anbar predicts:

"However, the Islamo-fascists may not have realized that to kill Judaism they must first get rid of Christian Zionism. As long as Christian Zionism exists, it will not allow the demise of the Jewish nation. Consequently, Islamo-fascists might change their priorities and instead of trying to eliminate Israel, prefer to go after its protectors, the American Christian Zionists. This is when they will suffer their fatal defeat."Michael Anbar, "Christian Judeophilic Zionism vs. Islamic Misojudaic Fascism", israelinsider, http://web.israelinsider.com/Views/12311.htm (3 November 2007).