Wednesday, November 14, 2007

With Thanksgiving Approaching, Turkey Will Make the Perfect Scapegoat

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jews have the myth that as the End Times approach and their power becomes nearly absolute, they will no longer have to control their hubris and will be able to openly express their self declared superiority and authority. Before that time, they are taught that they must hide their power and influence and wealth.

World Jewry, believing that it no longer had to hide its strength, exposed itself as the motive force behind the American wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, and Zionist Jewry loudly beat the drums for aggressive war on Iran. They miscalculated badly, and our efforts have exposed them and turned the World public against them for their genocidal ambitions. They want now to slink back into hiding—cowards almost to a man.

We should learn from this that we have far greater power than they, if only we use it, and that we must protect our rights of free speech and safeguard our ability to use the internet as a medium of communication. As World Jewry attempts to conceal itself, we should also keep the World public focused on who it is precisely who is behind the warmongering, revolutions, upheavals and wars, which are escalating around the globe.

World Jewry still has Iran in its sights, and the rhetoric is only slightly toned down as the economy and dollar slide down, so as to keep Americans from realizing that Israel is our worst enemy and is responsible for the demise of our economy. If they can do it, World Jewry will first attack Iran.

But there is, and has been for a long time, a plan B. The Israelis have seized total control of the Kurds. There are many Jews and crypto-Jews among the Kurds, and have been for a very long time. Israelis are colonizing "Kurdish" Iraq. The Mossad set up and runs the PKK and the CIA helps out with the PJAK.

Jewry also controls Turkey and its massive military, through the Doenmeh crypto-Jews. Israel thinks it can use its PKK, PJAK and Mossad assassins to strike at Turks and Turkmen in Turkey and Iraq, and then have its Doenmeh controlled Turkish Army strike back. In this way, World Jewry will start its Third World War, and scapegoat the Kurds, Turks and even the Armenians, for its Jewish crimes.

As we have stalled the Israeli attack on Iran, by exposing the fact that World Jewry is behind the warmongering, we can try to prevent the coming Turk-Kurd disaster by exposing the fact that Israel is behind it. We have to remain vigilant and continue to protect our rights, and to exercise them!

What we are doing is working, and we have to keep it up. We have to have more endurance and patience than our enemies. Where possible, we have to use the Gatekeepers as Gateways, by providing a superior alternative and using every bit of information they are forced to disclose in order to forward their agenda as part of the larger story we reveal to the World public. Remember, if one approach doesn't work, don't waste time and energy complaining, but rather immediately devote yourself to thinking of another way to accomplish what needs to be accomplished.

World Jewry is a massive bureaucracy. As such, it is slow to adjust and we can defeat it by doing unexpected things for which it has no immediate response planned. We have to continually use our creativity and work harder and smarter than the enemy. Our freedom, our economies, our very lives at are stake.

Peace and stability are our best defense. Information is our weapon. World Jewry does not want it known that they are behind the plundering of our wealth and the endless wars which they use as a debt machine to line their pockets with gold. Don't let them hide the truth. . . never again let them hide the truth.

Expose their war plans and expose how they have stolen our wealth, in large part by creating wars.