Monday, December 03, 2007

Banking Reforms, or Bank Bailouts? How the American People Will Suffer the Fate of the Third World If We Are Not Vigilant

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have observed several monetary reform movements in the "Patriot Community" which hype "banking reforms". These take two general forms. One proposes that we go on the "Gold Standard" and permit specie payments. The other proposes a fiat money system run by the government. Both, as commonly proposed, serve the interests of the bankers, and not the interests of the American People.

If we were to go on the Gold Standard, then we would first have to obtain the gold. This can only be done by borrowing the gold at interest, or confiscating it. If we borrow the gold needed to create the money supply, at interest, we cannot pay back the loan because we will have to borrow more gold simply to pay the interest on the debt, and we require the initial gold which we borrowed in order to have a money supply, in order to maintain the money supply.

In addition, the Gold Standard affords the bankers with the opportunity to hoard the gold and ship it out of the country, causing deflation in America and inflation and positive growth in some other land or lands. The bankers would then be able to buy our goods, services and property at artificially low prices, and they would have the means to destroy our economy by restricting our money supply by melting and shipping off gold and by cutting back on loans. By simply holding gold and cutting back on loans, they would lose the interest on those loans, but would gain much greater benefits than their losses, from the reduced prices and foreclosures they would artificially manufacture.

Those pushing for a fiat money system, run by the government, would, on the face of it, appear to be working for the interests of the American People. However, they often state that we cannot and should not prosecute the bankers for their crimes against us, when that is exactly what we ought to do. They also protect the interests of the banks, not the People, by means of the mechanisms which they propose to put money into circulation, in effect bailing out the banks at the expense of the taxpayer. For example, one such group proposed that we pay off the national debt with debt free fiat money manufactured by the Federal Government.

This would cause massive inflation. Their "solution" is to bail out the banks and make the wealthy wealthier by paying off the national debt almost all at once, and the debts of the banks, with "government money", thereby passing on the debts the banks have created through fractional reserve banking onto the American taxpayer, much as the IMF and World Bank have passed along the debts of the Third World onto the American taxpayer, which useless and unproductive debts they deliberately created, and through which debts they profit.

This group justifies their proposal to bail out the banks as one means to contract the money supply, which they would grossly increase, by converting the fractional reserve system into one in which the banks would be required to maintain full reserves, but they accomplish this end by giving the banks the money with which to fill their reserves and freeing them of their criminal responsibility to pay back America the wealth they have fleeced from us through fractional reserve banking. In addition, this group would profit the bankers by paying off the debts which never should have accrued, and which were created by corrupt means. It is the wealthiest few who would profit from this system of paying off the national debt. They hold the title to it. This group who would be our "saviors" is no friend of the American People.

Another such group pushing for fiat money profits the bankers by paying off the national debt, granting the bankers immunity for their crimes, and giving the elite complete control over the issuance of money by means of putting government money into circulation on their terms. Always watch out for the proposals of our "saviors" and how they secure "our" debts with real assets, and how they propose that money be put into circulation. This is where you will find their true allegiance to the bankers.

For example, they will propose that debt free fiat money manufactured by the Federal Government be put into circulation by means of the government purchase of corporate bonds, or other such means which would provide their agents in the government with the ability to regulate business in America and provide them with a means to obtain inside information for the purposes of corrupt "speculation", which would no longer be speculation, but a rigged system. It is crucial for us to watch out for their proposed means of circulating money.

Watch how they protect the banks as a means of circulating money, and how they keep money out of the hands of the poor and middle class by proposing that it circulate through civil works projects, which appear on their face to be philanthropic. They appear to be philanthropists who propose that new money be circulated by giving it to local governments for projects which build infrastructure, etc.

However, they are in fact using the same corrupt means to fleece the American citizen that the World Bank and IMF used to fleece the Third World and the American taxpayer. They want to have the American People produce wasteful projects which profit them, not us, and to have us pay for their gains. It is a form of banker welfare, proposed as if philanthropic projects for Americans.

The Rothschilds raped the America People, and the Chinese and East Indians, in this very way in the 19th Century, having us pay for their railway systems and other projects, which were pitched to us as if philanthropic enterprises.

There are reasonable ways of introducing a fiat money system, but I do not intend to explore them here, rather, I wish to point out the traps which are being set for us by our "friends" and "saviors" in the "Patriot Movement". Much more needs to done than merely securing a stable debt free money supply. We need to recover monies which the bankers have stolen from us. We also need to distribute the wealth more equitably. We also need to improve the quality of our people and facilitate the growth of our economy in sustainable ways. Money is the grease, not the machine.

Hustlers in the "Patriot Movement" pitch us the snake oil panacea proposal that all our problems will be solved by simply reforming the banking system. They want to profit and immunize the banks in one way or another. We have to profit the American People and secure our future for generations to come, or we will be left as the Third World has been left, impoverished and debt ridden.

For example, we could reduce the tax burden by passing legislation which would make "social injustice" a cause of action for civil suit, quite literally instituting "class action law suits". Those who find themselves impoverished could sue the wealthy classes for damages. However, we ought to require that judgements for such claims take the form of interest bearing loans, which would compel the plaintiff-poor awarded judgements to perform certain equitable requirements meant to ensure their ability to pay back the loans to the wealthy-defendants. For example, the recipients of awards must make an honest effort to obtain work training and perform community service in order to receive payments, which will be obtained in judgements and held in trust to be distributed as the recipient becomes more productive and can put this capital to use with a reasonable expectation of success. They must also then make an honest effort to pay back the loans.

This system is a superior means of wealth transfer to taxation, in that; it taxes the wealthiest in order to provide justice to the poorest; it creates an incentive to the rich to improve the lot of the poor, and thereby reduce the rich elite's own burden, by providing the rich with a means to recoup their losses/investment through increasing the production and wealth of the poor so as to enable the poor to repay the loans; it prevents the creation of a welfare state; it creates an incentive for the poor to become more productive and provides them with the means to do so; etc.

We also have to drive a stake through the heart of the Israeli fifth column which is destroying our nation. We should create exceptions to the provisions of the ex post facto defense, where it can be shown that the normal functions of government to protect the citizens from criminal activity were circumvented by individuals or organizations. For example, if the Israeli fifth column in the United States has lobbied or otherwise engaged in pressuring the Congress and/or the President to prevent legislation which was necessary to protect the interests of the American People, and there are then laws passed or civil suits filed which prosecute the Israeli fifth column for criminal behavior which was "legal" when committed, but which was known to the fifth column to be against the interests of Americans at large, as proven by their lobbying and other efforts, then the fifth column should not be entitled to claim ex post facto provisions as a defense.

The same exceptions should apply to their traitorous warmongering campaigns. The fifth column knew well what behaviors were proscribed by the standards of that which is in the interests of the American People, which is why they lobbied to short circuit the mechanisms of government in the first place. Therefore, it cannot legitimately be claimed that they lacked knowledge of that which is proscribed by law given that they deliberately corrupted the process of the dutiful creation and potential execution of the law.

This issue is crucial to securing our economic future. World Jewry is destroying our future with its usury which employs war as a means of generating debt.

We have to recapture our wealth from the bankers and we can do this through taxation, law suit and by making it an issue of national security. But we also have to better ourselves so that we are more competitive and productive as a nation. We have to provide incentives to rich and poor for the equitable distribution of wealth. We have to ensure that the bankers do not exploit us, as they have exploited the Third World, with their agents posing as if enemies of the banks but who propose "reforms" drafted by the bankers themselves.