Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ron Paul: Seeing Through the Glittering Generalities

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Allow me to preface this article with the statement that I hope Ron Paul wins the Republican primaries. Sometimes we need a Santa Claus to believe in if only to inspire us to hope. Sometimes we need a stooge to show us the way to empower ourselves.

Whether Paul wins the primaries, or not, the American People have won by way of an example as to how to organize and side step the media. That said, I am not naive. I have observed that the organization in support of Ron Paul has not come from the grass roots, but rather from the gold mines, gold merchants and Zionist Hollywood Jews. But do not let me spoil your belief in Santa until we have found a way to replace the illusion with American factories and sound currency issued by the People for the People.

Gold is not sound currency. It is a limited commodity the supply of which can be artificially and privately reduced and increased by way of fraud and collusion. Jewish bankers will demand the "freedom" to treat gold as a privileged commodity, the "freedom" to monopolize it in cartels, etc.

True freedom is best secured by a well educated and prosperous populace, and Ron Paul's domestic policies will not get us there.

I suspect that Ron Paul is running for President for one reason and one reason only. He is a tool of the Jewish bankers and their goal is to make us clamor for "banking reforms" which they have drafted and which will grant the bankers amnesty and/or immunity for their crimes; and which will bail the bankers out at the expense of the taxpayer; and which will secure debts owed to the bankers with hard, seizable assets and make them profits off of precious metals and allow the international Jewish bankers to continue to control the American money supply, regulate price levels, govern international trade, hinder or stimulate growth, etc.

Jewish organizations, Jewish controlled politicians and the Jewish controlled media are undermining our civil liberties, making us desperate to secure our natural rights which are recognized in the Constitution. Since Jewry has made us clamor to protect our rights, they are using Ron Paul to forward a deceptive message that the Constitution is our guarantee of rights and that it must be strictly adhered to in terms of Ron Paul's interpretation of it. They have created a dilemma and they are proposing their solution to the dilemma that they have deliberately created.

Our rights are secured by our existence and our ability to defend them, not by Ron Paul or the Constitution. The Constitution is rather a social contract which recognizes our natural rights and serves as an enforceable agreement. If the courts and other branches of the government are corrupt, the Constitution is not a protection, but only a guide, and the contract has been breached. However, our rights and other means of enforcing our rights remain.

I believe that Paul is wrapping himself in the Constitution for one reason and one reason only. He, and those who pull his strings, want us to interpret the following part of the Constitution to mean that we should operate our economy on gold based currency:

"Article 1, Section 10 - Powers prohibited of States

No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility."

This is why Paul speaks in glittering generalities of "freedom" and honoring the Constitution. In fact, he wants to take away our freedom to issue our own money through our government and without the intercession of the Jewish gold merchants. He wants to take away our freedom to recover our losses from the Jewish bankers. He cowers from confronting the traitorous Jewish fifth column which is stealing away our civil liberties.

If we truly want to secure our liberties and enforce those rights iterated in the Constitution, then we have to fight back against organized Jewry. This does not interest Paul. For him all that glitters in his glittering generalities is gold, and our fundamental human rights are only props on the stage.

It appears that Ron Paul's goals are to secure the interests of the bankers, not our freedom. As the Jewish bankers maintain control over our economy and monetary system, they will maintain control over our lives. We have to fight for our rights, not by enslaving ourselves to gold, but by bettering ourselves through education and hard work, through savings and personal and social discipline; and by confronting our enemy directly and unapologetically.

World Jewry has brought us into perpetual war, which nets them profits and forwards their Zionist agenda for Mid-East hegemony and World rule. By controlling the cast of candidates for US President, Jewry has left us shredded on the two horns of another dilemma. We can elect their openly warmongering candidates, or we can elect their gold plated stooge. Our interests are not served by either side of the bull charging from behind to gore us in the rear.

We already elected a supposedly anti-war Congress and they have betrayed us. This traitorous Jewish controlled Congress can declare war at any time, no matter who is, or is not, elected President. We have to raise our voices in outrage and demand our government serve our interests. We have to demand the Congress prosecute the criminals Bush and Cheney. Then we will have power.

Electing Ron Paul gives him power, not us. We will have power when we exercise it directly through boycott, demonstrations, public debate, civil disobedience, etc. I do not see Ron Paul organizing such action which empowers the People, but then he is a politician trying to get elected and what he is doing is working.

I wish him success. Perhaps, if by hook, crook or miracle, Paul wins the Republican primary, or even if he gives a strong showing, some genuine candidate will appear to run as a third party candidate. In any event, it will be healthy for Americans to become enthused about having alternatives, if only in an illusion. This will make it easier for others to enter the arena, but I caution against the hero worship which is being so heavily promoted.

Ron Paul is not a great man. His policies are unoriginal, scripted, simplistic and little more than disingenuous gimmicks to win support from the gullible and uninsightful for the Jewish bankers to again seize control of our money supply. By wrapping himself in the Constitution without enunciating sound policy, Paul is just like Huckabee, who is trying to win and serve Jewish interests by standing on the cross. We need to elevate the debate so that we can empower ourselves, not childishly worship the rather mediocre Ron Paul and play follow the leader.

Let Paul continue with his glittering generalities—that is politics in Jewish controlled America. We have to raise the level of debate among ourselves. No one will do it for us, and we have to defeat those who stand in our way.