Monday, December 31, 2007

Why do the Jewish Bankers Want to Transition from Fiat Currency Issued from Central Banks, to Completely Unregulated and Untaxed Private Gold Banks?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish bankers want to eliminate the Central Banks which are tied to governments and replace those systems with entirely private banks under their complete control. Private banks which have no ties to any government, or union of governments, cannot make their notes legal tender. However, they can trade in commodities as currency, and then create their own fiat money through fractional reserve banking by issuing allegedly gold backed notes and electronic credits.

This is why the Jewish bankers want to bury the central banks and move us towards private gold based currencies. It will enable them to create a World currency which is completely under their control and beyond the control of any government.

In order for their money system to be completely outside the control of Goy governments and the people of the World, International Jewish bankers must addict us to the gold habit. Raw gold is truly international. It can be struck with a private mint mark and traded in every nation on Earth.

Gold can then be used in every nation, and the Jewish bankers can move it from one nation to another nation, cutting back on loans in one place while increasing them in another, building one up country while destroying others; which process will enable the Jewish bankers to accumulate all the property of the World in a short time, and ruin all the nations of the Earth. This is a far more efficient system for them then the central banks which can come under the influence of various governments, and which can be easily replaced by government owned and operated institutions.

Beyond this, the Jewish bankers control most of the gold in one way or another and will reap tremendous profits as they deliberately inflate the fiat currencies and ruin them one after another. Then, to meet the need for credit which cannot be met by raw gold, they will print fiat money and electronic credits and claim that there is gold in their reserves to back this paper and data when there is not, but no one will be allowed to attempt to verify or refute this fiction. That is what Ron Paul refers to as "freedom", the freedom of the Jewish bankers to cheat us and to create monopolies and cartels beyond the reach of any government.

This is why Ron Paul wants to transition us to completely privately owned gold banks. The coins they mint will be universal and entirely under the control of the Jewish bankers with no regulation by governments. It is the Jewish bankers' dream of a completely privately controlled bank which issues all the money of the entire World and regulates the money supply in every district. Paul is giving the bankers what they want in the name of fighting them, and millions of gullible idiots are gleefully cheering him on.