Saturday, December 08, 2007

Wikipedia Is Used as a Vehicle for Smear Campaigns. I Know. It Happened to Me.

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Some of the administrators at the online "encyclopedia" Wikipedia are coming under fire:

Secret mailing list rocks Wikipedia

Wikipedia black helicopters circle Utah's Traverse Mountain

There is even a website dedicated to redressing abuse on Wikipedia:

One of the administrators discussed on this page took a personal interest in attacking me. Wiki users and administrators reverted a page on me to proven lies again and again. I forced them to remove the dishonest pages. They also tried to send the Wiki page "Relativity_Priority_Dispute" down the memory hole and falsely accused me of having written it. When those who did write the page contested their false claims, they tried to delete mention of my work from the page, this despite the fact that I am the reason that there is a broad discussion of Einstein's plagiarism taking place today, and the others cited in the article rely upon my prior work. The attempts to completely suppress mention of my work have failed, so gross a misrepresentation of reality is the attempted manipulation by some of the Wiki administrators and their supporters.

I note that the administrators involved were particularly sensitive to my proofs that Einstein was a racist Zionist and that Jewry was behind the Armenian Genocide. They also did not want my side of the story told about John Stachel's ad hominem attack against me. Nor did they want mention of the undeniable fact that Stachel co-authored an article in the journal Science in 1997, which relied upon mutilated evidence, but which article did not disclose the fact that the evidence was mutilated.