Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Beating Barack

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Barack Obama became a Senator under very suspicious circumstances. One could argue that the Democrat and Republican Parties worked together against the interests of their members to place Obama in power, and that he would not have won without this corrupt support. He speaks of "unity" of the two parties, which is his vision of "change".

We can use this as a point of attack by pointing out that Obama, Bloomberg, Lieberman and others are moving us towards totalitarianism. We can show many examples of such "change", the Nazis, the Communists, etc.

Obama is also the darling of the media, including Oprah, an obscenely wealthy woman, and Larry King, a Zionist Jew. This is dangerous to democracy, as the media and State become one.

Obama is a Democrat and the Democrats won many elections on a supposedly anti-war platform, but have not ended the war nor aggressively sought to prosecute the war criminals. If Obama is against war, why is he ignoring the war criminals and the war profiteers? Why is Obama preparing for war against Iran? Why is he sucking up to the Israelis, when it is the Israelis who brought us to attack Iraq and Afghanistan? Surely, we can paint Obama as the dangerous hypocrite that he is.

All the audio-visual material needed to ruin Barack Obama's campaign is readily available. We can show him, and the other One Party / Two Party candidates, offering themselves up to World Jewry and Israel. A true anti-Zionist could raise these issues, which no other candidate will raise. Obama is weak, very weak, as a candidate, but those who lick Israeli spittle will not raise the issues that will defeat Obama. The same is true of John McMadman McCain.

America needs several viable political parties, not the smily faced totalitarianism which the Zionists are creating.