Friday, January 04, 2008

Iowan Gut-Level Politics and What It Means for Us

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Iowans ignored the issues and voted from the heart, not the head. They did this because the media and the candidates collaborated to keep issues out of the debate and instead made the focus feelings, religious beliefs and personality. If we had a real media, and at least one viable candidate with the integrity and fortitude to challenge the others, the embarrassing events of Iowa would not have occurred, at least not on the extended national and international scale that they have.

Nevertheless, we can see on a gut level, that heartland America does not like, or trust, Hillary Clinton or Rudi Guiliani. Mitt Romney cannot buy the love of Christians. Ron Paul's enthusiasm and ability to energize his base do not match the enthusiasm of his base nor the ability of his base to energize themselves. Paul is a bit of a dud, does not believe in himself and/or is not meant to win, but is instead there to serve as the poster boy for the Zionist Gold Cartel.

I don't want to see this alter-media movement perish, rather I would like to see it grow into one that is responsive to the concerns of its anti-Zionist base. Ron Paul needs to do something to energize his base going into New Hampshire, such as changing his stance on 911, announcing his potential short list, or exact pick of a runningmate, giving a dramatic speech, criticizing his opponents, etc. We need to find a better candidate, a genuine candidate, a fighter who can deliver an effective speech.

Iowan Republicans embarrassed the Republican Party by voting for the new and polished Pat Robertson, the huckster Huckabee. Hillary is obnoxious, arrogant and palpably untrustworthy. Obama won on "change". What change is it that Obama proposes, from bad to worse. . . from the frying pan into fire? He is image and not substance. McCain farts dust and what comes out of his mouth is even worse. Romney is as plastic as a credit card. We can beat these clowns if we can find a candidate who will challenge them on the issues of concern to Americans.

We need a man or woman who will not only attack the Federal Reserve, but will go after the criminal cartel that corrupted our government and created the Fed. The names haven't changed. There is no statute of limitations on fraud. We can and should go after these criminals and recover our monies, plus interest, plus punitive damages, plus gold, etc. etc. etc. Huey Long pointed a finger straight at the Jewish bankers, named names, and spoke out for the poor and the middle class. We don't need a Ron Reagan on steroids pushing the selfish laissez faire Milton Friedman come Rothschild garbage of Ron Paul. We need a true populist President, who will make the bankers and war profiteers pay to educate our People, build our infrastructure and provide capital for our industry.

Instead of genociding and hating innocent Moslems, we should point our rifles and bombs at Israel and the Jewish elite and demand REPARATIONS for Jewish crimes against the human race, for the subversion of our government, and for the corruption of our press. This will not only strengthen us, it will weaken them. We must turn the tables on them. Ron Paul is instead stacking the deck in the favor of the mega-rich Jewish laissez faire Capitalist bankers. He cannot win on populist issues, because Ron Paul is not a populist. Like Reagan he serves the interests of the rich, and he does not have the charisma of Reagan. Ron Paul doesn't just want to trickle down on us. He wants to give us the full treatment, including the rich man's shaft and the flush.

But I plead with Ron Paul supporters not to become discouraged. The fact that Paul, who is a dud as a candidate, was able to ride the enthusiasm of his supporters to achieve a 10% showing on the basis of a campaign based on lunacies and glittering generalities, is truly a sign of hope. Imagine what a true populist candidate with a sound strategy to beat the bankers, with an aggressive and self-confident attitude, and with a hopeful populist message that spoke in an honest way to education, health care and jobs, could accomplish. Surely, he or she could win the White House, rather than simply run to spew out the Jewish bankers' propaganda to our gullible and dumbed-down youth. My suggestion to you is to keep the faith and find a candidate who supports you and your beliefs, rather than undermines your future. In the short term, persuade Paul to do something to energize his base going into New Hampshire, other than sell the bankers' gold to the public.

Note that I am using the term "populist" loosely to mean what it means to most people today, and not necessarily what it originally meant in terms of the "Populist Party".