Saturday, January 05, 2008

Is the Zionist Media Against Ron Paul?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Many of Ron Paul's supporters pretend that he is a victim of the Zionist media. Contrast this view with the fact that radical Zionist Glenn Beck told Ron Paul, "You had me at hello!"

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck - Complete Interview @ 20:00 minutes

Ron Paul said of radical Zionist Wolf Blitzer, who was enthusiastic about Ron Paul's campaign during the Iowan caucuses, "Wolf Blitzer gives me a fair shake. He interviews me and I think he's a very decent journalist."

Ron Paul on Bill Moyers Journal 2 of 3 @ 7:36 minutes

The other two parts of the interview are posted here:

Ron Paul on Bill Moyers Journal 1/4/08 Part 1

and here:

Ron Paul on Bill Moyers Journal 3 of 3

P.S., if Ron Paul wants to court the independent vote, he will have to challenge Barack Obama, which will also win him more Republican support. As for true anti-Zionists, we have an opportunity to find a candidate who is not a Zionist, but time is running out. We should find someone by March.