Monday, January 14, 2008

Let's Forget About the Jewish "Ron Paul Revolution" and Find an Authentic Anti-Zionist Candidate

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is time for anti-Zionists to mature into a viable political force which is led by inviolable principles and which proudly voices these principles in the public arena. The only way to overcome the sting of Zionist and Jewish smears is to face them and overcome them with the facts. We cannot accomplish this necessary end by cowardly hiding from the enemy and kowtowing to his orders, or submitting to his strategies and tactics. We must come out in the open and fight.

The Zionists' position is weak. This is why they fight so hard and are so desperate to silence any and all dissent and to quash and ridicule even the perception of dissent before it becomes mainstream thought. Every time they face a legitimate challenge with lies and hysteria, they exhaust more of their resources, increase their fatigue and expose their deceitful and hateful nature to the general public.

We can defeat this enemy, but we cannot do so by following their stooges. Instead, we must find an authentic anti-Zionist candidate who will openly represent us. We must not fall into the trap of pretending away the Zionism of Ron Paul.

Issues for an Authentic Anti-Zionist Candidate, Which the Other Candidates Won't Touch

1.) As the United Nations has said, "Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination."

2.) Israel has subverted the American political process and the American press.

3.) Israel forced America into war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is forcing America into war with the Iranians, against Americans' individual and national interests.

4.) All of the leading candidates are in bed with the Israelis, and are disloyal to the United States of America.

5.) The Israelis have combined the Democrats and Republicans into one totalitarian party which serves their interests. Even some of the potential "third party" candidates call for a union of the two parties into one super totalitarian party, which serves the interests of Israel.

6.) Israel has subverted large Christian churches in America and turned them into a dangerous fifth column which is working for the Israeli Government, and which openly preaches that we should lead the World into artificially staging the "Battle of Armageddon".

7.) International Zionist bankers have undermined the value of American currency and stolen the wealth of the American nation for centuries. Through fraud and corruption, these same international Zionist bankers have deliberately forced America into several wars, recessions and depressions. The American Government has the right and the duty to recover what has been stolen from Americans, and prosecute and punish the international Zionist bankers and their agents for their crimes.

8.) The American People, through their government, have the right and the duty to manufacture their own money and regulate its supply. Hard money is a menace and leads to depressions and wars.

9.) The American National Debt is the product of Zionist fraud and corruption and must be paid by the Zionists, not the American People or its government. Whether or not those owed monies can recover from the Zionists, the American People and the American Government are not responsible for the debts created by the Zionists and their agents.