Saturday, January 19, 2008

Libertarian Goldbug Gary North Jumps in to Defend Ron Paul with a Baseless Personal Attack

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

According to the Wikipedia page dedicated to this man, Gary North is most noteworthy for his inaccurate predictions of a nuclear war with the Soviet Union, an AIDS epidemic that would subdue hospitals worldwide by 1992, and that Y2K would be a catastrophe of global proportions. I should not expect much from this strange man, and he delivers just that, not much.

In a ridiculous "hit piece" against me, this odd and obnoxious little creature takes exception to my arguments that World Jewry was behind the Armenian Genocide, but fails to address the factual issues I have raised and instead merely complains that in, "a 17-page, fine-print bibliography of books that supposedly prove that English Christians had long favored the restoration of Palestine to the Jews, a bibliography going back centuries. Problem: he does not list page references in even one of these books that proves his point." Beyond this baseless critique of style, not substance, North has no complaint.

The vast majority of the books contained in the bibliography I compiled and published are works devoted to the argument that the Jews should be restored to Palestine. It would be inappropriate to list page numbers which span from the beginning of a book to its end. Of course, a rational person could deduce from the titles of several of these works that they were devoted to the subject of the restoration of the Jews to Palestine, titles such as Samuel Clarke's "The Conversion and Restoration of the Jews", A Collection of the Promises of Scripture: or, The Christian’s Inheritance, Part 3, Section 10, American Tract Society, New York, and J. Buckland, London, (1750) and John Collet's book of 1747, A Treatise of the Future Restoration of the Jews and Israelites to Their Land: with Some Account of the Goodness of the Country, and Their Happy Condition There, till They Shall Be Invaded by the Turks : with Their Deliverance from All Their Enemies, When the Messiah Will Establish His Kingdom at Jerusalem, and Bring in the Last Glorious Ages, to name but two of several such titles. Many more can be found by searching my book for the exact words "restoration of the Jews".

Gary North, in his reckless and illegitimate campaign to smear me with falsehoods, ignores the fact that I republish several such Zionist texts in my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians which can be found at:, including the works of the American Jew Mordecai Manuel Noah in their entirety from pages 441 to 526, and lengthy extracts from the work of David Hartley and Isaac Newton on pages 109-120. One can also find articles reproduced in my book on pages 231-236, etc. More such reproductions are found in another of my books, The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein.

North's statement that I present no factual basis for my claims is, not to put too fine a point on it, vicious nonsense. Mr. North is the first Christian theologian I have yet to encounter who is so ignorant of this significant body of literature, that he would dare to question the nature of the works I cite. I recommend that he read B. W. Tuchman, Bible and Sword: England and Palestine from the Bronze Age to Balfour, New York University Press, New York, (1956); before again making an ass of himself in this way. There are so many other less obvious ways for him to show his ignorance.

For example, Mr. North finds it extraordinary that I should state the well documented fact that Jewry was behind the Armenian Genocide. Gary North goes so far in his hateful campaign to smear me as to equate this widely held and thoroughly proven view with madness drawn from hatred. If he has read my book, which Gary North presumes to criticize, then he must have read the vast body of factual evidence I reproduce in it, including what the British Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, Gerard Lowther, wrote to the British Foreign Office,

"[T]his new Freemasonry in Turkey, unlike that of England and America, is in great part secret and political, and information on the subject is only obtainable in strict confidence, while those who betray its political secrets seem to stand in fear of the hand of the Mafia. Some days ago a local Mason who divulged the signs of the craft was actually threatened with being sent before the court-martial, sitting in virtue of our state of siege. [***] [T]he Young Turkey movement in Paris was quite separate from and in great part in ignorance of the inner workings of that in Salonica. The latter town has a population of about 140,000, of whom 80,000 are Spanish Jews, and 20,000 of the sect of Sabetai [Z]evi or Crypto-Jews, who externally profess Islamism. Many of the former have in the past acquired Italian nationality and are Freemasons affiliated to Italian lodges. Nathan, the Jewish Lord Mayor of Rome, is high up in Masonry, and the Jewish Premiers Luzzati and Sonnino, and other Jewish senators and deputies, are also, it appears, Masons. [***] Emannuele Carasso, a Jewish Mason of Salonica, and now deputy for that town in the Ottoman Chamber, founded there a lodge called 'Macedonia Risorta' in connection with Italian Freemasonry. He appears to have induced the Young Turks, officers and civilians, to adopt Freemasonry with a view to exerting an impalpable Jewish influence over the new dispensation in Turkey[.] [***] The inspiration of the movement in Salonica would seem to have been mainly Jewish[.] [***] Carasso began to play a big rôle, including his successful capture of the Balkan Committee, and it was noticed that Jews of all colours, native and foreign, were enthusiastic supporters of the new dispensation, till, as a Turk expressed it, every Hebrew seemed to become a potential spy of the occult Committee, and people began to remark that the movement was rather a Jewish than a Turkish revolution. The Italian Government appointed a Jew and Mason called Primo Levi, who was not in the consular career, as consul-general at Salonica, and Oscar Strauss, who, together with Jacob Schiff, had influenced the American Jews in favour of Jewish immigration into Mesopotamia as opposed to other Territorialist plans and as an extended form of Sionism, was appointed American Ambassador here. [***] Carasso was one of the bearers of the message of deposition to Abdul Hamid, who was conveyed to Salonica and confined in the house of the Italian Jewish bankers of the Committee, while a brother of Remzi Bey was set over him as keeper. After the deposition the Jewish papers of Salonica sent up a loud cry of deliverance from 'the oppressor of Israel' who had twice turned a deaf ear to the appeals of Herzl, the Sionist leader, and who, by the imposition of the red passport, like our own Aliens Act, against Polish Jewish immigrants, and otherwise, had thwarted the realisation of the ideals of Sionism in Palestine. The ninth Sionist Congress in December 1909 at Hamburg announced that the divisions in the Jewish world between Territorialists and Sionists, 'as a miracle of the Turkish revolution', had been healed. At the same time Javid Bey, Deputy for Salonica, an exceedingly clever and gifted Crypto-Jew and Freemason, was made Minister of Finance, while Talaat Bey, also a Freemason, became Minister of the Interior. [***] Parliament was 'ordered' to pass a very stringent Press Law, and a Salonica Crypto-Jew and Freemason was made 'Directeur du Bureau de la Presse', a post of enormous power, as its holder can suppress a paper for severe 'criticism of the new regime' (dubbed 'reaction'), or have the proprietor or editor court-martialled. A semi-inspired Ottoman telegraph agency [***] was started under the direction of a Baghdad Jew, and an all but successful attempt was made to appoint a Salonica Jewish lawyer and Mason as adviser to the Ministry of Justice. The Constantinople head branch of the Committee of Union and Progress is also run by a Salonica Crypto-Jew and Mason. Another Salonica Crypto-Jew and Freemason made determined attempts to be appointed 'Préfet', i.e. Lord Mayor, of the capital, but has not yet succeeded in his aim, though Prince Said Ha[lim] an Egyptian Freemason, has become Deputy Mayor. [***] [T]he old Ministry of Police was replaced by the 'Sûreté Publique' controlling the police and gendarmerie, and put in charge of a Salonica Freemason. [***] Talaat Bey, the Minister of the Interior, who is of Gipsy descent, and comes from Kirjali, in the Adrianople district, and Javid Bey, the Minister of Finance, who is a Crypto-Jew, are the official manifestations of the occult power of the Committee. They are the only members of the Cabinet who really count, and are also the apex of Freemasonry in Turkey. [***] A Turk described it as a process of 'drugging the latter with Jewish hashish'. From the foregoing or any close inspection of the Young Turkey movement in its present stage, it will appear to be principally Jewish and 'Turkish' as opposed to other Ottoman elements, e.g. Arabs, Greeks, Bulgarians, Armenians, etc. [***] It was hoped in the beginning that the Armenians, Bulgarians, Greeks and the Ottoman Jew would serve as economic props, but the Young Turk seems to have allied himself solely with the Jew, Ottoman and foreign, and to have estranged the other races. The same result has been witnessed in Hungary, where the Hungarian, who is of Turkish stock and is similarly devoid of real business instincts, has come under the almost exclusive economic and financial domination of the Jew. [***] [A]s Turkey happens to contain the places sacred to Israel, it is but natural that the Jew should strive to maintain a position of exclusive influence and utilize it for the furtherance of his ideals, viz, the ultimate creation of an autonomous Jewish state in Palestine or Babylonia, as explained by Israel Zangwill in his article in the 'Fortnightly Review' of April. He would kill two birds with one stone if he could obtain from the Turk unrestricted immigration of Jews into Turkey, an aim that he has been pursuing for years back, and transfer to Mesopotamia some millions of his co-religionists in bondage in Russia and Roumania. In return for 'unrestricted immigration' of foreign Jews, he has offered the Young Turk to sacrifice his mother-tongue and replace it by Turkish, and even to take over the whole of the Turkish National Debt. Dr. Nazim, one of the most influential members of the Salonica Committee and said to be of Jewish extraction, has, in company, with his fidus Achates, a certain Faik Bey Toledo, a Crypto-Jew of Salonica, visited the Paris branch of the I.C.A. (Judaeo-Colonisation Association) and has since openly advocated importing 200,000 Roumanian Jews into Macedonia and some millions of Russian Jews into Mesopotamia. [***] Doubtless, when Young Turkey with its heavy military expenditure is in need of borrowing, further pressure will be applied by the Jewish lenders. [***] For the 'Aurore' ('Shefak'), a Sionist organ started a year ago in Constantinople, is never tired of reminding its readers that the domination of Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs, who forced the Jews to build the Pyramids, is part of the future heritage of Israel. [***] Mesopotamia and Palestine are, however, only the ultimate goal of the Jews. The immediate end for which they are working is the practically exclusive economic capture of Turkey and new enterprises in that country. [***] [T]hey hold or control all the pivotal points in the machinery of the Young Turkey Government, though the Ministry of Public Works [***] is still held by an Armenian, Halajian Effendi. When his predecessor, another Armenian, was got rid of, a determined attempt was made to appoint a Jew or a Jewish nominee. [***] His position is now still shaky, and the most bitter and constant attacks on him come from a Jewish-financed paper, 'Le Jeune Turc', while there are rumours that his successor will be a Jew, or a Turk with a Jew at his elbow. It is obvious that the Jew, who is so vitally interested in maintaining his sole predominance in the councils of the Young Turkey, is equally interested in keeping alive the flames of discord between the Turk and his (the Jew's) possible rivals, i.e. the Armenians, Greeks, etc., while it is to be inferred that he would not be averse to the new regime increasing the national indebtedness to the Hebrew financiers. [***] The Jew hates Russia and its Government[.] [***] The Jew can help the Young Turk with brains, business enterprise, his enormous influence in the press of Europe, and money in return for economic advantages and the eventual realisation of the ideals of Israel[.] [***] The Jew has supplied funds to the Young Turks and has thus acquired a hold on them; but in order to retain this hold he has to appear at least to approve and aid the Young Turk towards the accomplishment of 'national' dreams. Secrecy and elusive methods are essential to both. The Oriental Jew is an adept at manipulating occult forces, and political Freemasonry of the continental type has been chosen as the most effective bond and cloak to conceal the inner workings of the movement. [***] The 'Jeune Turc', which, like some other organs in the Ottoman capital, is subventioned by the Jews[.] [***] But all this is dependent on European, i.e. mainly Jewish, financiers supplying it with the sums required to keep up an army which is disproportionate to its actual state of economic development."—Letter from G. Lowther to C. Hardinge 29 May 1910, His Majesty's Stationary Office, Lowther Papers, Foreign Office 800/193A; and see: 800/193B. The complete letter is published in: E. Kedourie, "Young Turks, Freemasons and Jews", Middle Eastern Studies, Volume 7, Number 1, (January, 1971), pp. 89-104; reprinted: E. Kedourie, Arabic Political Memoirs and Other Studies, Chapter 16, Frank Cass, London, (1974), pp. 243-263. For additional correspondence to and from Lowther, see also: British Documents on the Origins of the War, 1898-1914, 11 Volumes in 13, His Majesty's Stationary Office, London, (1927); and the Hardinge Papers and the Grey Papers.

I will only briefly quote from the long series of correspondence which took place on the pages of the Times of London, in 1911, which is reproduced in full in my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians which can be found at:

A correspondent for the Times wrote,


The author, who in his indignation invokes diplomatic aid for the perishing Albanians, overlooks the circumstances which, in this instance, must render diplomatic action ineffectual or belated. Diplomatists can appeal only to the Ottoman Government, but not to the unofficial, intangible Salonika Committee, whose behests Torgut Shevket executed in his ill-treatment of the Albanians last year—ill-treatment that provoked the present revolt—and whose secret programme he is now attempting to carry out. To be efficacious influence must be brought to bear upon the Committee from quarters which the Committee will respect, or at least fear. These quarters are the honest and humanitarian Jews of England, the United States, Italy, and other countries.

It is a well-known fact that the Salonika Committee was formed under Masonic auspices with the help of the Jews and Donmehs, or crypto-Jews of Turkey, whose headquarters are at Salonika, and whose organization took, even under Abdul Hamid, a Masonic form. Jews like Emmanuel Carasso, Salem, Sassun, Fardji, Meslah, and Donmehs or crypto-Jews, like Djavid Bey and the Baldji family, took an influential part both in the organization of the Committee and in the deliberations of its central body at Salonika. These facts, which are known to every Government in Europe, are also known throughout Turkey and the Balkans, where an increasing tendency is noticeable to saddle the Jews and Donmehs with responsibility for the sanguinary blunders which the Committee has made. To apportion responsibility justly is at present impossible. It appears unquestionable that the Jews supplied the brains for the Committee movement, and it is equally certain that, if and when the movement ends in disaster, they will be made to incur the odium for events like the Adana massacres, the beatings of Bulgarian peasants last autumn, and the present Albanian operations, which have shed so sorry a light upon the Young Turkish regime.

The enlightened and humanitarian Jews in England and other countries—those who did not fear to organize Jewish committees for the purpose of combating the white slave traffic carried on chiefly by their depraved co-religionists abroad—have assuredly no notion of the situation that is developing throughout the Near East, nor of the weapons that are being put into the hands of every palliator of Pogroms. Frank and fearless inquiry would reveal to their eyes a state of things of which diplomatists and statesmen have been whispering for months past, and to which sporadic but necessarily obscure allusions have been made from time to time in the European Press. Now, in view of the position in Albania, reticence would be misplaced.

There is reason to believe that a direct appeal from the humanitarian Jews of the Western world to the Jewish organizations in Turkey would do more to stay the hand of Torgut Shevket and to prevent the development of a catastrophe in the Near East than all the notes or injunctions which European diplomacy can indite and address to the Golden Horn."—Vienna Correspondent for The London Times, "Jews and the Situation in Albania", The London Times, (11 July 1911), p. 5.

Mr. North has indeed made an ass of himself in his meanspirited campaign to smear me. It is not the first time he has made an ass of himself. Let's hope it is not the last. It is just so damn entertaining to see him fumble!