Friday, January 04, 2008

More Proof that Ron Paul Is an Anti-Moslem Zionist Propagandist Who Scapegoats the Downtrodden for the Crimes of the Zionists

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In addition to Ron Paul's call for Israel to attack its neighbor nations, crush the Palestinians, and bomb Iran, on Glenn Beck's program, he has been calling for,

"No More Student VISA's from Terrorist Nations." See also:

Ron Paul's Disgraceful Ad

And, for the State Department's list of "terrorist nations", see their website:

State Sponsors of Terrorism

The Glenn Beck interview:

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck - Complete Interview

Ron Paul is a radical Zionist. His policies will not only destroy Islam, they will destroy the US.

Let's dump him, keep the movement his Zionist bosses created, and find a truly anti-Zionist candidate to represent us against the Ron Paul's of this world. Let the Zionists fall into the pit which they have dug for us. That would be poetic justice.