Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ron Paul, "Ayn Rand" and Alan Greenspan

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have argued that the Russian Jewess Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum, a. k. a. "Ayn Rand", was an agent of the Bolshevist controlled opposition known as "The Trust". Consider the amazing fact that the two most prominent proteges of Ayn Rand were Alan Greenspan, who chaired the Federal Reserve, and Ron Paul, who is the controlled opposition to the Federal Reserve.

The implosion of the dollar taking place today is an orchestrated event. The Jewish bankers' stooge Ron Paul is there to provide the replacement the Jewish bankers want for the Federal Reserve, private gold banks issuing unbacked bank notes, which will quickly suck all the gold and wealth out of the United States of America.

Again, consider my view that it is no coincidence that the Fed was run by a follower of Alisa Rosenbaum, and that the controlled opposition to the Fed is run by another follower of "Ayn Rand", Ron Paul, who just happens to run for President as the dollar takes a fall by design of the Jewish bankers. Incredible!

Now consider the fact that Rosenbaum, Greenspan and Paul are/were each gold bugs, and ask yourselves whose interests they are/were serving. . .