Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ron Paul Demagoging on the Dogma of the Jewish Supremacist Ludwig von Mises

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Please watch the following clip of Ron Paul lecturing to his flock on 6 January 2008:

Ron Paul at New Hampshire Liberty Forum 2008

Listen for crowd manipulation techniques and note the similarity of Ron Paul's revolutionary talk and tone to old school Bolshevist dogma. Note the childishness and fanaticism of the crowd and how they are manipulated by a few voices.

Substitute Marx for Mises, and Trotsky for Paul, and you have a classic Cabalistic Jewish revolution in the works before your very eyes on Google video. The great icon of the dogma is held up as an irrefutable and prophetic god as Ron Paul venerates the Jewish supremacist and agent of the Jewish bankers Ludwig von Mises.

Ron Paul is a demagogue working for the enemy. He will destroy America in the name of "saving" it. Know that we are being set up like Russia was set up, and Ron Paul is a major player working for World Jewry.

Gil Scott Heron was right when he said that the revolution will not be televised, but he was wrong when he forecast that it would be live. It is being digitized and googleyesed.

What a pathetic end to a once great nation of independent minded and proud men and women. World Jewry are doing to us what they did to the ignorant Russian Mushiks, and all it takes is a few cheerleaders in a crowd to clap and boo on cue and the crowd is mesmerized by a mediocre phoney.

Ron Paul talks about tearing down the Federal Government of the United States of America, and receives applause. This is the new soft Bolshevism. Smile as you nihilisticly rip to shreds your national government. Sing along with the Fuehrer the Cabalistic Jewish revolutionary chant,

"Everything, yes, everything must be destroyed, since everything must be renewed."—Anonymous Author from the Patriot, "Secret Societies in America, Tibet, and China", The Trail of the Serpent, Boswell Pub.Co., London, (1936), p. 309.

Cut through Paul's never ending double-speak and hear what he is really saying. Ron Paul wants the American People to destroy themselves, but has a backup plan if he fails to sucker enough of the masses into following him. Plan B is to wait for the Jewish bankers to destroy America, at which point he will "pick up the pieces." It is the Cabalistic Jews' Hobson's choice for the Goyim, heads they win, tails you lose. All hail Ron Paul! At least he is better looking than Trotsky and Lenin, if not as talented.