Sunday, January 06, 2008

Typical Ron Paul Lies and What a Real Anti-Zionist Candidate Could Accomplish

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Someone has posted a compilation of Ron Paul statements from the 5 January 2008 ABC Presidential debate:

Ron Paul - ABC Presidential Debate 01-05-08

Note that Ron Paul blames the poor, the so-called "welfare State", for our problems which are in fact caused by the Israeli fifth column and Jewish controlled press. Our debts are growing because the Israeli Government and its agents in the USA are driving us to war, not because of the downtrodden, who largely need help due to the crimes of the Jewish bankers. In the debate, Ron Paul doesn't mention the war profiteers and he doesn't mention the fact that the bankers are causing inflation, not the poor. He doesn't demand that we go after the war profiteers and the bankers, but instead wants to cut off the poor and scapegoat them for the woes of the World.

One of Ron Paul's consistent lies is that our monetary system creates inflation of necessity. Paul doesn't state the fact that the same Federal Reserve System could as easily contract the money supply and cause deflation as it increases the money supply and causes inflation. He doesn't discuss lack of personal savings, which will be needed to provide purchasing power as the economy tanks, and the fact that the rich and mega-rich do not pay their fair share of taxes, but instead pass the tax burden onto the middle class, and this is one of many ways the super-rich have destroyed the middle class in America. No, Ron Paul lies and scapegoats the poor for the demise of the American middle class.

Many claim that Ron Paul is a populist candidate, but he is the antithesis of a populist. His support is instead led by an organized and efficient cheering squad of Libertarians, gold bugs, and perhaps elements of secret societies, who give him the appearance of being a grassroots candidate, which effect actually gives him significant numbers of support as a snowballing / Tom Saywer effect takes over. It is classic mass psychology in action. Hats off to the Zionists who created this illusion, many pretending to be anti-Zionists.

The Populist Party, unlike Ron Paul, opposed the bankers and the gold standard, wanted to nationalize the railroads from which the Rothschild robber barons profiteered, called for a graduated income tax, and wanted the Federal Government to make our money. Ron Paul is more like a proponent of the "Know-Nothing" Party, than the Populist Party.

If we had an authentic anti-Zionist candidate, he would argue against "entangling alliances" as Paul pretends to do, but he would raise the issue of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in the context of John McCain, and cite it as a good example that the interests of the US and the treacherous nation of Israel are not the same. This would take away McCain's appeal to American veterans and forward the anti-Zionist cause. When the issue of terrorism came up, a truly anti-Zionist candidate would raise the issue of false flag terrorism, again in the context of John McCain, and point out that the American Jew Adam Gadahn is making threats in the name of Islam which are helpful to the radical Zionist John McCain's bid to become President:

New Al Qaeda threat: Will it help John McCain in New Hampshire?

A sincere anti-Zionist would put forth reasonable proposals for revamping of the American monetary system and replacement of the Federal Reserve, and would demand the prosecution of those who have stolen from us through fraud and subversion. Read the fine print before signing up with Ron Paul. He is standing in the way of rescuing the dollar by promoting the myth that inflation is inevitable under our present system, and that his gold system is a panacea. Ron Paul is promoting the myth that Islam is our enemy and that the solution is to let Israel destroy Islam. Ron Paul is hurting the middle class by blaming the poor for problems which are caused by the selfishness and greed of the mega-rich. Paul is a Zionist, robber baron gold bug, who represents the worst of the exploitation of the American People and the American Nation that took place in the 1800's under the direction of the Rothschilds. We need a real anti-Zionist candidate and we need one soon. In fact, we need one by March.