Saturday, January 12, 2008

We Need a Viable Candidate! The Ron Paul Ship Is Sinking, But Don't Torpedo the Life Boats.

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have been consistently warning people for years that the Jewish bankers would pit the World against us economically, destroy the dollar while cutting back on credit, and would attempt to prop up a puppet in America who would try to trick us into adopting the Gold Standard. My predictions, which I stated in interviews, in my books, on my webpage, and here in my blog, among other places, have unfortunately come true. See, for example:

George Bush's Zionist Warmongering Is Destroying the World Economy: March 05, 2007

Fiscal Policy and the Gold Standard: Beware the Trap: October 25, 2006

The Quiet Counter-Attack: November 29, 2006

After I made these predictions, Ron Paul entered the Presidential race. I have been warning people about Ron Paul's background and his agenda. I have proven how he fits the model of the Jewish bankers' stooge, which I described years ago. Thankfully, many people are heeding these warnings, and, fortunately, Ron Paul is sinking his own ship. Let us not go down with him.

We need an authentic anti-Zionist candidate, who will challenge the other candidates on their disloyalty to the United States of America. We need someone who will identify the source of our troubles and propose effective means of combating these enemy forces.

As I explained in my blog:

Is the White House for Sale? December 31, 2007

should Bloomberg or some other Zionist candidate run as a third party candidate, it will draw off votes from the Democrat and Republican nominees. This will lower the number of votes our candidate would need for victory.

We can win control of our government if we are willing fight, end the childish hero worship being promoted in the Zionist controlled alternative media for a candidate who openly opposes the views of his base, and support a genuine candidate who is proudly willing and able to fight with us and for us. Ron Paul, a radical Zionist, is the antithesis of the candidate we need. He openly defends Israel's aggression. He wants to make the rich richer and the middle class the poor and the poor poorer.

The Jews who control the alternative media have promoted comparatively stupid and deliberately offensive spokesmen. These operatives are feeding you false beliefs so that you will work against your own interests and destroy yourselves for them. World Jewry does not have the manpower to ruin you. Instead they use their financial power and abnormal proclivity to deceit to trick you into destroying yourselves.

They ask you to wave the American flag as you tear down the American Government. They ask you to curse the Jewish bankers whom they would have you help by adopting the Gold Standard. They ask you to defend the Bill of Rights as they trick you into stripping yourselves of your freedoms to manufacture your own currency, participate in your own press, and run your own government for your own interests.

There are operatives who are trying to start fights between me and the phoney pied pipers in the alternative media so that I enter into a skunk spraying contest with these agents of World Jewry and in the process waste time and resources and discredit myself by engaging people who are not credible. Please, help me to find a viable candidate. Ignore the bait to waste time fighting with obvious fools. Ignore those who pretend to help by setting up fights.

Now is the time to act and use the political process to defeat World Jewry in their quest to destroy America. Now is the time to find a viable candidate and use the alternative networks the Zionist Jews have created for us in the hopes of tricking us, and use them to our advantage, not the Jewish bankers' advantage.

What World Jewry fears most is that we will organize and demand that government serve our interests by rejecting their stooges, including Ron Paul, and by electing representatives who proudly represent us. That is exactly what we must do, and we must do it now.