Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Where Ron Paul Stands

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Someone has posted the Glenn Beck interview of Ron Paul on Google Video:

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck - Complete Interview

Ron Paul rejects and ridicules the "911 truth movement" and distances himself from it entirely @ 35:38-38:27 min. Glenn Beck states that Saudi Arabia is an evil country and Paul nods in agreement @ 22:30min. Throughout the interview, Paul blames Osama bin Laden for 911, and Moslems for terrorism. He made no mention of false flag terrorism.

Ron Paul wants to enable Israel to bomb Iran and dominate and attack its neighbors. He wants to cut off all US funds to the Middle East to "neutralize" the situation. This would mean that the Palestinians would receive no aid from the US. Paul and Beck agree that the US is holding Israel back from attacking its neighbors and bombing Iran, which they both regret @ 24:00-26min. When Israel attacks, the US will be drawn in and Paul knows this. Paul must know that it is the Congress and not the President who is to declare wars under the Constitution, and that he will then carry out his "duty" to annihilate the peoples which Israel plans to attack. Glenn Beck states that we are holding Israel back from bombing Iran and Ron Paul agreed with Beck and stated that this is his, Paul's, point. Paul states that Israel is subservient to us and that we should respect their sovereignty, meaning in this context that we should allow Israel to attack Iran.

Paul is opposed to having a government safety net for the poor @ 30:45min. In the context of government provided health care and education, Ron Paul stated we should deny people without means these benefits @ 16:40min. Paul equates government provided health care for those without means to stealing from one's neighbors.

Paul would have the US become "energy independent" by drilling oil in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and offshore in the US. Paul makes no mention of conservation @ 28:30min.

Radical Zionist Glenn Beck states that he is attracted to Libertarianism because it calls for a return to the gold standard @ 18:00min.

I warn the Palestinians that Ron Paul's policies spell your death. I warn Moslems in general, and all sane people in the World, that Ron Paul wants to enable Israel to start World War III, and he must know that Israel's aggression will draw in the US. He cares not to guarantee the life of the poor and downtrodden. He pretends that "free markets" guarantee food, health care and education for all, when history has taught us again and again that fully unchecked Capitalism pours all capital into the hands of the Jewish bankers and results in the super rich growing richer, the destruction of the middle class and the degradation and suffering of the poor. Ron Paul is no Huey Long. He is instead cut from the cloth of Rothschild.

The "911 truthers" who support Ron Paul are supporting a man who mocks and ridicules them. The environmentalists who support Ron Paul are supporting a man who places the concerns of the energy moguls above the environment. People of conscience who support Ron Paul are supporting a heartless monster the likes of which gave us slavery, child labor, stock market manipulation, the robber barons, banker manufactured depressions, etc. etc. etc. He is another Yeltsin setting us up for the Jewish bankers to steal our wealth in the name of "Capitalism". He is another Wilson and FDR talking peace, while planning for war. He is another Sen. Nelson Aldrich calling for banking reforms so that he can give the bankers exactly what they want.

Speaking of Wilson, does Ron Paul ever mention the fact that Wilson was blackmailed by the Zionist Jew Louis Brandeis? While pontificating on the causes of the Civil War, does Ron Paul ever talk about the fact that the Rothschilds caused the Civil War and financed both sides against each other and profited off of the destruction for decades afterwards?