Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Why Are You Paying for Ron Paul's Gold Commercial?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



It is becoming increasingly obvious that Ron Paul is not a viable Presidential candidate. He is timid, a one trick pony, and speaks out against the beliefs of his base of support.

Conceding defeat, some of Ron Paul's supporters will pretend that he is a "protest candidate", but he is protesting against the views of his base. He is instead an endless advertisement for the Zionist Gold Cartel and the super-rich. Why pay for this commercial?

We need an authentic populist party that takes on the mega-rich and stands up for the middle class and poor. We need to educate people as to who our real enemies are and what we need to do to defeat them.

Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee are promoting the pseudo-populism of the rich. They are suckering the middle class into demanding measures which are against their best interests. While we can certainly create a better tax system than the IRS and the present income tax system, the proposals we are hearing from the false populists will benefit the rich, expand bureaucracies to combat black markets, and keep us in debt to the Jewish bankers forever. See, for example, the following CNN article for a hint of what I mean:

Behind Huckabee's radical 'Fair Tax'

Let's find a candidate who is at least as competent as his supporters, and who will represent us and fight for us. Let's make a sound investment in our future.