Saturday, February 09, 2008

Ron Paul Quotes Leon Trotsky to Declare that the Jewish "Ron Paul Revolution" Is "Permanent"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Israel Lazarevich Helphand, a. k. a. "Alexander Parvus", inspired the crypto-Jewish genocidal mass murderer Lev Bronstein, a. k. a. "Leon Trotsky", to adopt a policy of "permanent revolution". This "permanent" Jewish revolution is a continuation of the ancient Jewish war on the human race.

In collusion with the Jew Emmanuel Carasso, "Parvus" profiteered off of the Jewish "Young Turk Revolution" in the grain and arms trade, and worked as a propagandist for World Jewry in the Ottoman Empire, after the Jewish takeover. Jewish Zionist terrorist Zev Jabotinsky also served as a propagandist for World Jewry in the Turkish Empire, after the Jewish takeover. "Parvus" heavily participated in the 1905 and 1917 Jewish "Russian Revolutions". "Parvus" arranged for Lenin and his cohorts to travel from Switzerland to Russia in 1917.

Trotsky's murderous "permanent revolution" which gave us the "Red Terror", became, in the hands of Trotskyite Jews, the Jewish neo-Conservative policy of "permanent regime change" meant to deliberately destabilize the World and continue the permanent Jewish war on humanity to its messianic end, all the messy mess just "birthpangs" we must endure for the sake of the Jewish Utopia to come.

Ron Paul sent a message to his followers, and to the World. I suggest we pay careful attention to it:

"If I may quote Trotsky of all people, this Revolution is permanent. It will not end at the Republican convention. It will not end in November. It will not end until we have won the great battle on which we have embarked."—Ron Paul,

Paul's political philosophy of absolute selfishness hails from the Jewish subversive sent from the Soviet Union to destroy America, Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum, a. k. a. "Ayn Rand". Ron Paul's Rothschild goldbuggery comes from the Jew Ludwig von Mises, who came to America on a grant from the Rothschilds' American associate, Rockefeller. Ludwig von Mises was a close friend of the Jewish supremacist and advocate of global government, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, who was financed by the Rothschilds.

Leon Hadar, who was a correspondent for the Jerusalem Post, and who is a graduate of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, has joined the Ron Paul campaign as a foreign policy advisor.