Saturday, April 12, 2008

An Eyewitness Account from a Jew of the Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A Jew named Eitan Belkind witnessed the extermination campaign carried out against the Armenian People in the Jewish controlled Ottoman Empire. Belkind implied that the Jewess, Mrs. Biram, acted as a crypto-Jewish agent who pretended to be an Armenian in order to betray the Armenians to their deaths. She had a Turkish surname, which is and was typical of Doenmeh crypto-Jews. Belkind stated that her involvement in the genocide was a carefully guarded "military secret".

Belkind stated,

"In spite of the danger the child got into the tent where the Jewess was. Everyone in the tent was asleep and the woman managed to get unnoticed. She was 25 and very beautiful. She told us her surname was Biram, a typical Turkish name. Her family lived in the Armenian quarter of the city and when they were taking the Armenians, they also took this woman with her husband and child despite all their protests. [***] In the post I found a letter from Haim Khanum in Constantinople (the main city of Turkey), who asked me not to interfere in the case of Mrs. Biram, as she had connections with the killings of the Armenians that was a military secret."

Belkind stated that Jews ran the military hospital of the mass murderers and raped Armenian girls and offered them out for others to rape,

"Der-el-Zor, was a military centre, so it had a military hospital lead by a Jewish doctor Bhor (?) and a Jewish pharmacist called Arto. [***] I was also unable to have sexual relationship with the Armenian girls who were offered me by Doctor Bhor and pharmacist Arto."

These quotations are taken from excerpts published on the website of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute of "That's How It Was", Narrated by Eitan Belkind, member of the NILI, Published by the Ministry of Defense of Israel, (1979), pp. 77-78, 115-116, 118-120, 124, 127.