Friday, June 06, 2008

Beware the Agents Provocateur Who Plagiarize My Work

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There is a group of operatives who often mimic my statements and insights in an effort to steal my thunder, and win themselves a brief whiff of the cool air of credibility, so that they can then destroy my peaceful and civilly responsible message and sucker some fool and/or psychopath into committing an act of violence which will serve as justification for the further erosion of our liberties. This group of subversive actors stages fights and minor protests. They have been featured in mainstream media as examples of potentially violent and subversive racists. It is their role to provide just such false examples of the "danger" of free speech and free assemblage.

They are carefully crafted poison for our movement. They are constantly trying to create infighting and other distractions with their scripted soap opera spats. While they attempt to provoke others to violence, they themselves take no action other than carefully staged events which accomplish nothing, but which will be used by the government as evidence that our fundamental human rights "must be denied" for the sake of the security of the State and domestic tranquillity.

They are classic agents provocateur who pop up from nowhere, and they should be avoided and shunned at all costs. Please do NOT ever think that I am involved with them, no matter how often they parrot my work. Though they have repeatedly solicited my assistance, I have consistently shunned them.

In the name of supposedly fighting the laws which diminish our freedom, it appears that they are in search of a Reichstag fire type of event, or series of events, so that they can offer the legislature and police the opportunity to further clamp down on our ability to express ourselves within the confines of normal civil process, and institute Hitlerian Ermächtigungsgesetz and Gleichschaltung style laws which will silence us. They have always discouraged civil protest, while encouraging gullible fools to make themselves known to the police. The ADL and other Zionist organizations have thoroughly trained the police to monitor "hate groups". It appears that these subversives want to encourage persons who oppose Zionism to make themselves known to the authorities on the bogus pretext that anti-Zionists can win over the police to the cause. At the same time, they encourage criminal violence. They have also encouraged their naive audience to spy on one another and record their private conversations in classic Bolshevist Cheka/NKVD/KGB/Stasi fashion.

They have feigned splits and fits, but do not mistake the fact that they are still working as part of one operation to contain and destroy the anti-Zionist movement and to provide the government with a pretext to take away our rights. Though they identify some of the difficulties in our economy, it appears that they do so in such a way as to eliminate, or at least reduce, any competition to the main Jewish bankers who control the upper echelons of power.

This has happened everytime the Rothschilds have caused market collapses and depressions, which always seem to benefit them and consolidate their power and control. Note that they are led in this effort by a Jewish banker from England, a sometime Rothschild apologist who is schooled in the Cabalah, who has adopted a Moslem name and Islamic practices, and who does not generally disclose his Jewish roots which plunge below the surface like the tail of a Cabalistic snake.

Their behavior occurred during the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, the Nazi Revolution, etc. Their goal is to promote violence and chaos, and undermine civilized, responsible, mature and educated anti-Zionist movements. They wear this childish and comical stink of the Jewish revolutionary, and all honest persons should develop a natural revulsion to it and to them.

Note that those who publicly encourage crime, and/or publicly feign crime, are often cops, or paid agents of the police, local, state and/or federal. One "tell" is their lack of education, many mistakes, inability to properly pronounce words and names, and the childish, phoney nature of their general approach. Another "tell" is the fact that they are rather stupid, but wish to appear sophisticated and intelligent, and must therefore plagiarize the work of others. When isolated, without a guest to sponge off of, or parrot, their ignorance and stupidity glow with the slimy fingerprints of an intelligence operative. Speak to them in private and they will pick your brain for phrases and insights to repeat as if their own. They are phonies and their pretense reveals itself in everything they do, and don't do.