Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Henry Makow Interviews David Livingstone

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Henry Makow interviewed David Livingstone on 8 June 2008. They discuss the historical influence of Cabalah on Western Civilization.

I would like to discuss the same subject with Mr. Livingstone. I believe that the Greeks, especially the Eleatics, influenced what was to become the Cabalah, and the messianic doctrines that peaked about the time of Christ, and that these ideas were not inherent in Judaism, but evolved among Jews as the product of their appropriation of Greek ideas. I would also like to have a conversation with him regarding the influence of the Cabalah during the time of the Enlightenment. I argue that it was influential in resurrecting the doctrines of Parmenides and greatly influenced the development and misdirection of Physics towards an occult exposition on gravitation, Pantheism and quadri-dimensional "space-time" via Giordono Bruno, Isaac Newton and other Cabalists.