Saturday, June 07, 2008

Who Is Rupert?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There is a Jewish man, a Jewish banker in fact, who goes by a Moslem name, the Moslem name Mohammed, and who criticizes the Shabbataians and other crypto-Jews, but who does not disclose his Jewish roots when doing so. He speaks of how unthinkably reprehensible and duplicitous is the behavior of the crypto-Jew who puts on Moslem garb to lead Moslems astray. He states that he cannot imagine how such folk live with themselves and manage their phoney existence.

This man claims to be an ardent anti-Zionist, yet he is a Jewish banker who travels freely in the circle of Jewish bankers and is well connected and well informed. Odd that Zionist Jewish bankers would befriend and trust a Moslem convert who rails against Zionist Jewish bankers.

This man is a student of the Cabalah, and evidently studied it before receiving a "belly full of the Talmud". The study of the Zohar and Lurian Cabalah before a certain age and without prior training in the Talmud is forbidden to Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox Jews, though it is common practice among Shabbataian crypto-Jews--some of whom adopt Moslem names and practices.

Will Rupert come forward and describe his Jewish roots, his lineage and his family's connection to banking? Will he tell us how he became a Jewish banker, a student of the Cabalah, and why he rails against Zionism while traveling in ardently Zionist circles? Why is promoting Jewish Nihilism and revolution, in the name of fighting Jewish power?

Let us have a little disclosure, Rupert.