Friday, July 04, 2008

Eric Hufschmid Affirms That Andrew Carrington Hitchcock States That He, Hitchcock, Is Not Jewish

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Eric Hufschmid stated on his website that Andrew Carrington Hitchcock has written Hufschmid that he, Hitchcock, is not Jewish. Hufschmid awaits further details related to Daryl Bradford Smith. Hufschmid wrote,

"So I asked him to provide an explanation of why Daryl Smith told me he was Jewish, and why he is still working with Smith."

This provides us with a typical example of this crew's behavior.

I am still awaiting a response from the Jewish banker Rupert, who acts as a pious Moslem and goes by the name of Mohammed, while decrying the evils of crypto-Jews and Jewish bankers.

Is Hitchcock a former police officer?