Thursday, July 03, 2008

Eric Hufschmid Claimed that Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Is a Jew

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

According to Eric Hufschmid, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock is Jewish. Is Hitchcock a former police officer? Hufschmid asserted that Hitchcock is a Jew at about 1:08:44 into the following audio file on Hufschmid's website:

I have never heard Hitchcock state that he is Jewish. Is Hufschmid mistaken?

Has Rupert (a.k.a. Mohammed) ever publicly disclosed the fact that he, Rupert the Jewish banker, is a Jew? I have raised this issue several times, and have raised it directly with him, but he failed to respond to my questions regarding his ancestry, though he did respond to my post in which I posed those questions. Odd behavior from a man who rails against crypto-Jews.