Monday, October 13, 2008

Encouraging More Theft: Rewarding and Indemnifying the Jewish Bankers Is a Bad Mistake

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is a terrible mistake to reward thieves and/or indemnify them, which rewards for criminal behavior encourages the banks to make further risky loans at the ultimate expense of the taxpayer and the World economy. World Jewry has already reaped enormous profits making loans to unworthy borrowers and speculating on worthless paper. World Jewry has now used its fifth column in the United States Government to cut itself a check for 850 billion dollars, this on top of the recent Jewish trillion dollar theft from the American taxpayer to pay for the Jewish wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. In both instances, the Jewish fourth estate of the Jewish controlled press encouraged these criminal abuses. Now World Jewry has opened the gates to a new round of abuse. It has led the governments to write the banks blank checks.

European governments are guaranteeing loans from one bank to another bank. This will supposedly free up credit to business. A more rational way to give credit to business would be to do so directly, or through legitimate private loan institutions to business, not from crazy bank to crazy bank in the hopes that the free taxpayers' money will find its way to the taxpayer whose credit is being used to manufacture the money and guarantees. The Jewish controlled governments are giving bankrupt spenders blank checks and limitless credit cards and guaranteeing to pay the bills when the boozers fall off the wagon and imbibe.

These new guarantees are highly risky investments that pay no returns which could not be more rationally achieved by direct action outside of the banking industry. They are playing with our currency as if it were monopoly money and it will soon become just that, with the banking industry paying itself for stealing our money. The Jews own the media and control our government and they are exploiting the situation to steal our money and our future in the hopes that in our weakened state they will then at long last be able to kill us off. That is the cost of Gentile cowardice and complacency in the face of an ancient Jewish war against them.

Instead of paying the Jewish bankers to steal from us, we should be confiscating their assets, and ripping their clawed hands from our media and government. We should declare war on the enemy nation of Israel. We should make peace with the rest of humanity. We should fund our own businesses in ways that produce a future for us all. The Jews' solutions are a prescription for a heavy dose of expensive poison followed by eternal rest.