Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gottfried Feder's National Socialism -v- Ron Paul's Jewish Capitalism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There are many new age fascists who believe that Ron Paul and his ilk have the answers for breaking the yoke of Jacob and freeing Esau from interest slavery. These people, crypto-Jews and FBI agents aside, are self-deluding jackasses with no insights into economics, nor knowledge of history or historical forces.

Though Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht, and other German Capitalists who sought to continue to exploit the German People at the behest of and with the cooperation of World Jewry, stood in the way of the implementation of many of his ideas, Gottfried Feder iterated some of the necessary solutions to the problem of Jewish Capitalistic usury. See, for example, pages 42-44 of the following pamphlet under the heading "Financial policy: Breaking the thraldom of interest":

Programme of the Party of Hitler, the NSDAP and its General Conceptions (1932)

Feder, like Roehm, Strasser and many others, were Communists at heart, and we need not adopt all of their suggestions, many of which would lead us straight into the pitfalls of Jewish economics and the Jews' messianic aspirations. The derivative totalitarian ideals of absolute dictator, state powers beyond what is reasonable and suitable to the task at hand, etc. recall Plato's Republic, the Cabalah and Marx's Jewish Utopia. That said, the means to break the yoke of the Jewish bankers is clearly stated and we do have the means and the need to do it. Whether we have the will and the intelligence to save ourselves from this ancient plague of Jewish usury and genocide remains to be seen.