Wednesday, October 01, 2008

On the Sophistry of Ron Paul and the Other Jewish Controlled Gold Bugs

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ron Paul and his fellow Jewish owned Gold Bugs consistently spread several lies in order to dupe the American People into adopting a gold standard money system. Paul lies and states that a fiat money system intrinsically causes inflation, when in fact it can as easily cause deflation. Paul lies and claims that a gold standard prevents inflation by preventing government from spending beyond the limitations of the money supply.

The deliberate lie that a gold standard inhibits overspending is a myth spread by many agents of the Jewish bankers. It is an obvious absurdity on its face, just as the false claim that a credit card holder's ability to pay his or her debts is an absolute bar to overspending. A credit card holder can run up unpayable debts, as can a government. When such overspending creates unpayable debts, all a gold standard accomplishes is increased profits for gold holders and the ability of the Jewish bankers to bleed off more American wealth.

In fact, overspending can result in unpayable debt under a gold standard more easily than under a fiat system. The solution to overspending is political, and going to a gold standard in no way inhibits the government from overspending. Overspending can be stopped under a fiat system or gold standard through legislation and/or political pressure which reins in those who would run us into debt to the Jewish bankers.

Governments operating on a gold standard often run up unpayable debts, often as a result of Jewish instigated wars. Ron Paul would have us enter into such a dilemma by having us adopt a gold standard at a time when we have unpayable debts. Of course, inflation can occur as easily under a gold standard as it does with fiat money. The government need only debase the hard money coinage by decreasing the percent of precious metals in the coins, and/or reducing their weight for a given face value. Should the government, under its Jewish control, elect not to debase a hard money system, while at the same time fighting wars and running up other debts for Jewry, then the taxpayer is required to surrender his wealth to Jewish gold merchants abroad to pay the debts which cannot by paid with extant American coinage, which again results in a wealth transfer to Jewry.

Surely Ron Paul is not so naive, uninformed or stupid as to be unaware of these facts. Surely, he is a willing agent of the Jewish bankers, another Nelson W. Aldrich of another stripe working for criminal Jewish bankers as a controlled opposition leader.