Thursday, October 23, 2008

Turning Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht's Plan on Its Head: How the Jews Will Rob Us of Our Wealth

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

World Jewry caused World War I. World Jewry brought America into the war on the side of the British in exchange for the Balfour Declaration.

Jews in Germany led Germany into the war. Press Jews beat the drums for war, just as they do today in America. Government Jews and Gentiles working for the Jewish bankers demanded war, just as they do today in America. Jews in Germany made tremendous profits during the war, while deliberately undermining Germany's success, just as they do today in America. Zionist Woodrow Wilson led Germany to stop fighting by issuing the deceitful 14 Points. Communist Jews in Germany attempted numerous revolutions and undermined the German war effort by creating crippling strikes and attacking public confidence, just as they are doing today in America.

After the Jews caused Germany to stop fighting, they stabbed Germany in the back and organized the Treaty of Versailles. Press Jews in Germany blamed Gentile Germans for the war which these same Jews had caused. Government Jews in Germany demanded that Germany pay unrealistic and devastating war reparations for the war these same Jews had caused.

This resulted in hyperinflation in Germany, which allowed the Jews to steal German wealth, and, together with the Russian wealth they stole, to finance the "roaring 20's" in America. Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht combatted the hyperflation by issuing Rentenmarks, which were backed by mortgages on German property and industrial production. Their value came, in part, from their ability to buy German goods at comparatively stable prices.

The Jews have turned Schacht's plan on its head. Instead of backing the dollar with mortgages, they are giving away paper dollars to pay mortgages, which will eventually result in hyperinflation, while destroying the value of property. During the lag time between the issuance of debt and inflation, Jewry can purchase assets at deflated prices.

When the hyperinflation hits, the Jews will petition, directly and through their agents, for gold backing to the currency. As they did to Germany after the war, they will then steal all of this gold and all of the mortgages and property of America in payment of the debts that Jewry have caused America.

The Jews first run us into debt and devalue our currency. They will demand currency backed with our assets, so that when they foreclose on our debts they will have a direct means to steal our property, our gold, our silver, our oil, our water, our land, and everything else we have.

The Jews are making us their slaves, and stupid Americans are doing next to nothing to stop them. In fact, the largest group of supposed dissenters, the Jewish "Ron Paul Revolution", is part of the Jewish bankers' plan to have us undermine our own interests, borrow Jewish gold and collect our own, then hand it all over to the Jews when our collective mortgage comes due.

Ever wonder why the "alternative media" continually infights, but miraculously pulled together behind Ron Paul? It is because they are largely front organizations for the Jewish bankers and the Jewish gold cartel, and they are suckering dissent in America into championing the Jewish plan to steal everything we have, just as the Jews suckered the Russians into destroying Russia so that the Jewish bankers could steal Mother Russia's wealth and mass murder millions of her finest children.

America need not adopt a Schacht plan. We have enough power to stand upright without it, but we must take control of our nation and our currency from the Jews. We should create a rational system of issuing Greenbacks through loans, while retiring Federal Reserve Notes. We should prosecute the Jews and take back our wealth and demand reparations payments. This will take away their power and empower us. This will win back goodwill towards us throughout the World.

We should place the Jewish King on trial and humiliate him. We should crush the head of the snake.