Monday, October 13, 2008

A Typical Ron Paul Supporter Writes Me a Mindless, But Nevertheless Useful, Letter

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I received an insulting, emotional and vulgar letter from a Ron Paul supporter, which takes issue with my exposure of Ron Paul's lies in the following blog which I published on 1 October 2008:

On the Sophistry of Ron Paul and the Other Jewish Controlled Gold Bugs

This letter quotes some of my statements and then attempts to refute them. I will repeat the quotations of my statements and then capsulize the counter-arguments from my correspondent and demonstrate that they are based on fallacies.

I stated that,

"Paul lies and states that a fiat money system intrinsically causes inflation, when in fact it can as easily cause deflation."

My correspondent argues that fiat money causes inflation because it can, while acknowledging the fact that it can also cause deflation. My correspondent attempts to justify this irrationality by arguing that there is an incentive for government to generate inflation and therefore inflation is a necessary consequence of fiat money. This argument is fallacious. It is based on the false premise that there is always an incentive to generate inflation, and the argument confuses possibility with necessity. Fiat money can be used to create stability, or deflation, or inflation. My statement was factual. A government acting on behalf of its citizens has the incentive to do that which will benefit the People. A fiat money system is the most easily regulated monetary system, and can therefore best provide for the needs of the People.

I wrote that,

"Paul lies and claims that a gold standard prevents inflation by preventing government from spending beyond the limitations of the money supply."

My correspondent irrationally raises a straw man to argue against as if arguing against my factual statement. This correspondent argues that a nation must mine more gold in order to print more money. It does not occur to this person that gold can be borrowed, or a nation can simply go into debts which it does not have the means to pay. These are factual statements which are not refuted by such a straw man argument, which fallacious argument is also based on false premises. Just as a person can run up debts which he cannot pay, a nation can run up debts which exceed its supply of gold. In fact, to simply create a gold standard money supply, a nation must often borrow the gold at interest, which immediately creates debts for which the nation does not have the gold to pay and must instead run up deeper debts and sacrifice more of its national wealth to the Jewish usurers who love the gold standard system. I will not here address the issues related to corruption, such as fractional reserve banking which functions well under a gold standard to create debts for which the gold does exist to pay off the debt. Yet again, the Ron Paul supporter made a rabid personal attack against me for merely stating facts. I have found such behavior to be typical of Ron Paul supporters.

I stated,

"The deliberate lie that a gold standard inhibits overspending is a myth spread by many agents of the Jewish bankers. It is an obvious absurdity on its face, just as the false claim that a credit card holder's ability to pay his or her debts is an absolute bar to overspending. A credit card holder can run up unpayable debts, as can a government. When such overspending creates unpayable debts, all a gold standard accomplishes is increased profits for gold holders and the ability of the Jewish bankers to bleed off more American wealth."

My correspondent counters that Ron Paul is opposed to overspending. The correspondent evidently confuses his/her trust in Ron Paul with the creation of a bullet proof system. Ron Paul's assertions of his intentions are irrelevant to the fact a nation can run up debts through overspending, whether or not that nation is on the gold standard, just as a person can overspend without counterfeiting money. It evidently eludes this person that a nation can go into debt even if Ron Paul promises that he won't do it. I guess my correspondent has never witnessed a politician lie, and is unaware that Ron Paul is not God nor an absolute dictator, or that Ron Paul and his promises are not a government or a monetary system. The potential to overspend and/or go into debt exists whether or not Ron Paul promises not to fall into the pitfall. In addition, it is not always a mistake to go into debt. Businesses do it all the time with great success. My correspondent also mistakenly claims that a nation can only manufacture unpayable debt when it prints money to cover overspending. This person evidently does not realize that a nation can fail and go bankrupt just as an individual can fail and go bankrupt, whether or not that nation is on a gold standard. In fact, the gold standard makes it easier for Jewry to bring a nation into bankruptcy because gold can be melted down and exported and/or held thereby contracting the money supply and tightening credit. My correspondent ought to consider the present credit crisis in order to understand how devastating it is when the Jews contract the money supply of a gold standard nation. A nation using fiat currency can increase the money supply when Jewish bankers attempt to tighten credit and restrict the money supply from outside the government. A nation can deflate the currency by retiring it or holding it. While Jewry can effectively control a gold standard system through private machinations and cartels, they cannot privately control the money supply of a Gentile nation on a fiat system which does not permit Jewish corruption.

I wrote,

"In fact, overspending can result in unpayable debt under a gold standard more easily than under a fiat system. The solution to overspending is political, and going to a gold standard in no way inhibits the government from overspending. Overspending can be stopped under a fiat system or gold standard through legislation and/or political pressure which reins in those who would run us into debt to the Jewish bankers."

My correspondent echoes Ron Paul's myth that a nation on the gold standard cannot overspend. It eludes this person that a nation on the gold standard must have credit and collateral, that is the ability to tax, lands, etc., and can spend and overspend based on that credit whether or not the nation is on a gold standard. Nations on gold standards can and do borrow against their credit and can and do overspend. This results in inflation and/or the transfer of wealth to Jews in exchange for more Jewish held gold. It is true, and I stated this fact in my article, that political restrictions can be made against overspending, but this is not an intrinsic factor of a gold standard system.

I stated in my article that,

"Governments operating on a gold standard often run up unpayable debts, often as a result of Jewish instigated wars. Ron Paul would have us enter into such a dilemma by having us adopt a gold standard at a time when we have unpayable debts."

My correspondent counters with an allegation that Ron Paul would nullify some of our debt when adopting a gold standard, but leaves unexplained how Ron Paul will cheat Shylock out of his pound of flesh, while concurrently borrowing such large sums of gold from the bankers as to create a monetary system. My correspondent further contends that Ron Paul would end Jewish instigated wars. Has my correspondent considered the fact that our Jewish controlled Congress has the power to declare war? Has my correspondent considered the fact that Jewry can incite another nation to attack the United States and that we would be compelled to fight back?

I wrote,

"Of course, inflation can occur as easily under a gold standard as it does with fiat money. The government need only debase the hard money coinage by decreasing the percent of precious metals in the coins, and/or reducing their weight for a given face value."

My correspondent confuses his/her impression of Ron Paul's policies with the fundamental nature of the gold standard and argues that Ron Paul would never allow the debasement of the coinage. My statement was factual and Ron Paul regularly lies about this fact. Inflation can and does occur under gold standards. Ron Paul is not the gold standard, even should he elect to place political restrictions on coinage. As I stated in my argument, these are political decisions which can be made under a gold standard.

I argued that,

"Should the government, under its Jewish control, elect not to debase a hard money system, while at the same time fighting wars and running up other debts for Jewry, then the taxpayer is required to surrender his wealth to Jewish gold merchants abroad to pay the debts which cannot by paid with extant American coinage, which again results in a wealth transfer to Jewry."

My correspondent again confuses Ron Paul with the fundamental nature of the gold standard, and claims that Ron Paul is not Jewish controlled and will not fight Jewish wars, while leaving unexplained what Ron Paul will do should the US be attacked, or should the Jewish controlled Congress declare war, or should there be a need for growth in the United States that demands a larger money supply, or should the Jewish bankers melt down the gold coin and limit credit and cause deadly deflation as they have so often done to nations on the gold standard in the past, the US included. . . . Alas, I have come to expect such ignorance, stupidity, gullibility and lack of foresight from Ron Paul supporters. That is the crowd to which he holds the greatest appeal, stupid people who think they are smart.

My correspondent next quotes my statement that,

"Surely Ron Paul is not so naive, uninformed or stupid as to be unaware of these facts. Surely, he is a willing agent of the Jewish bankers, another Nelson W. Aldrich of another stripe working for criminal Jewish bankers as a controlled opposition leader."

To which my correspondent responds with insults instead of facts, sophistry instead of reasoned argument. Such is the sorry state of the root stock of the Jewish controlled "Ron Paul Revolution". But there must be some worthwhile people in that movement who could convince the many twits to rise to the occasion and support an authentic anti-Zionist candidate. I note that the supposed Jew hater who wrote me ignored, or was unaware of the revelations I have made of Ron Paul's ties to the Jewish bankers.