Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Amazing Links Between Barack Obama and Goldman Sachs

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Political commentators ranging from David Duke to Lou Dobbs have noted the connections of such men as Henry Paulson, Neel Kashkari, Warren Buffet, Robert Rubin, and others to Goldman Sachs, Barack Obama and the banker bailouts. I find that the connections go further back between Obama and Goldman Sachs than the Presidential race and banker bailouts, which theft Obama supported.

For quite some time, I have been writing about the truly bizarre Illinois race to fill Fitzgerald's US Senate seat, which after many twists and turns ultimately resulted in Barack Obama's Senatorial victory. I predicted that Obama had skeletons in his closet and pointed out that there was much to be learned from the Senate race which catapulted Barack Obama to fame and made him the darling of media Jews like Larry King long before he announced that he would run for President, in among others, the following blogs:

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As I noted long ago, the Republicans and Democrats appeared to make a concerted and coordinated effort to put Obama into office. I will now elaborate on the many ties between Obama and Goldman Sachs, his amazing victories against all odds, his financing, the collapse of his rivals' campaigns, etc.

Obama first ran in the Democratic primary of the US Senate seat vacated by Peter Fitzgerald, the son of a wealthy banker, who inexplicably decided not to run for reelection, perhaps to make way for Obama. The front runner in the Democratic primary race was the fabulously wealthy Blair Hull. Hull had a substantial lead over Obama in the polls.

Blair Hull sold his interest in The Hull Group to Goldman, Sachs & Co. in 1999. Hull's campaign fell apart when the press learned that there might be issues involving his former wife in their divorce proceedings which would embarrass Hull. The New York Times reports that,

"Axelrod is known for operating in this gray area, part idealist, part hired muscle. It is difficult to discuss Axelrod in certain circles in Chicago without the matter of the Blair Hull divorce papers coming up. As the 2004 Senate primary neared, it was clear that it was a contest between two people: the millionaire liberal, Hull, who was leading in the polls, and Obama, who had built an impressive grass-roots campaign. About a month before the vote, The Chicago Tribune revealed, near the bottom of a long profile of Hull, that during a divorce proceeding, Hull's second wife filed for an order of protection. In the following few days, the matter erupted into a full-fledged scandal that ended up destroying the Hull campaign and handing Obama an easy primary victory. The Tribune reporter who wrote the original piece later acknowledged in print that the Obama camp had 'worked aggressively behind the scenes' to push the story. But there are those in Chicago who believe that Axelrod had an even more significant role — that he leaked the initial story. They note that before signing on with Obama, Axelrod interviewed with Hull. They also point out that Obama's TV ad campaign started at almost the same time. Axelrod swears up and down that 'we had nothing to do with it' and that the campaign's television ad schedule was long planned. 'An aura grows up around you, and people assume everything emanates from you,' he told Me."--Ben Wallace-Wells, "Obama's Narrator", The New York Times Magazine, (1 April 2007),

David Axelrod is a Zionist Jew. He helped Obama defeat Hillary Clinton, who is now being talked about as Obama's likely pick for Secretary of State. Bill Richardson has been appointed as Obama's Commerce Secretary. It is interesting that both ran against Obama in the Presidential Primary and in effect helped Obama beat John Edwards, and are now going to be in Obama's cabinet. I believe the Jews did not want Hillary to win, because she would make an unpopular and divisive President, and that they wanted a popular President in order to win support for more Jewish wars.

So we find that Obama's competition for the Democratic primary in the Senate race, Blair Hull was taken out of the race by a scandal appearing on the pages of The Chicago Tribune. Blair Hull sold his interest in his company to Goldman Sachs. The scandal involved divorce proceedings. Make note of these facts, because almost exactly the same thing happened with Obama's next competitor, Jack Ryan.

Jack Ryan won the Republican primary for US Senate in Illinois. The Chicago Tribune pushed to gain access to his divorce proceedings, which allegedly contained scandalous information that would ruin Ryan's campaign. Jack Ryan was at one time a partner at Goldman Sachs. He dropped out of the race. Note the parallels between Ryan's rise and demise and the rise and demise of Blair Hull in the Senate race.

When Ryan dropped out of the race, the Republican Party abandoned all of the Illinois candidates for Senate, there were quite a few who petitioned to replace Ryan, and instead flew in the known loser and flake Alan Keyes, an old friend of the Zionist Jew William Kristol, to take Ryan's place as the Republican opposition to Obama. Keyes missed few opportunities to make an ass of himself, and Obama won handily.

In the Presidential primaries, John Edwards lost in a crowded field. Having a crowed field made the black block vote a decisive factor for Obama's win. The press jumped on Edwards and Clinton, but never laid a hand on Obama. They ensured Obama victory, as did the cluttered field. Those who helped Obama defeat Edwards are now receiving cabinet posts.

In the Republican Presidential Primary, the press and Mike Huckabee took out Mitt Romney, the candidate most likely to defeat Obama, and greased the way for John McCain, an old and deranged fool. Huckabee, like William Kristol, now appears on FOX News. William Kristol set up Sarah Palin to run with McCain as his Vice Presidential running mate. Like Kristol's old friend Alan Keyes, Palin promptly and perpetually made an ass of herself, ensuring Obama the victory.

I have only just scratched the surface of the interconnections and parallels between races. For example, Zionist Jew George Soros funded Obama's Senatorial campaign.

Obama's otherwise impossible rise to the Oval Office can only be understood by examining his Senatorial race and his connections to Jewry, in particular to the Jewish financiers who recently richly rewarded themselves at taxpayer expense with Obama's help. Obama is a lying, deceitful puppet of the Jews. He is not qualified to be President, and does not know what to do as President other than what his Jewish advisors tell him to do. He is an actor who pretends to be authoritative and confident, but it is just an act and a script. Alone, he is nothing. In the public realm, he is an actor placed on the stage to read off the Jewish script for our ruin.

The question naturally arises, why did the Jews invest so heavily in Obama and go to such tortuous lengths to get him elected President? I believe it is because they know that he is a psychopath who will push the button on command and start a nuclear Third World War.