Thursday, November 06, 2008

Awakening the American Public to the Danger

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion have a proven track record of awakening societies to the Jewish peril. The Bolsheviks banned the book and made possession of it a capital offense. In Germany, it provided the proof of the Jewish plan for World domination and Jewish terror. In America, top leaders in the government believed its authenticity. Henry Ford based his whole campaign against organized Jewry on the Protocols.

The reason why Jews are so desperate to ridicule the Protocols is because they are so obviously true and so incredibly effective as a tool with which to combat Jewish hegemony in the public debate. Never have the Jews railed so viciously against Mearsheimer and Walt, Jimmy Carter or James Petras, as they have attacked and sought to discredit the Protocols.

Do not let the Jews dictate your views, or define for you what is acceptable or unacceptable. Do not waste time arguing with Jews over whether or not the Protocols are genuine. The Jews will try to create confusion, infighting and ridicule anyone promoting and passing around the Protocols. They do this to change the subject from the accurate content of the Protocols to distracting fights over whether or not they are genuine. Just as Jews want us to quibble over semantics such as "Zionist" versus "Jew", they want us to believe that we will discredit ourselves if we promote the Protocols. It is a form of Jewish manipulation of our perceptions against our best interests. It is a way the Jews can fractionalize and factionalize our movement. Let them waste their time arguing about the source of the Protocols. Our time is better spent disseminating the Protocols and encouraging others to read them rather than debate who wrote them.

Speeches by Benjamin Freedman and others have never been effective political tools. It is far more important to awaken our People to the Protocols which will awaken them to the Jewish peril.