Thursday, November 27, 2008

Barack Obama Is Already Abusing His Office to Gather Intelligence Information for the Mossad

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

On the pretext that he is "vetting" candidates, Barack Obama is demanding that those being considered for cabinet posts submit all kinds of information, personal and professional, to Obama for his consideration so that he can decide whether or not they pose the risk of embarrassing him. Obama himself underwent no such scrutiny from the Jewish controlled media when running for office. His Jewish advisors pretend that there should be no potential for accusations of foreign influence as an additional pretext to support Obama's criminal practice, yet the Jews do not object to Obama's having named the disloyal Zionist Jew and former Israeli soldier Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff together with a rat's nest of Jewish financiers whose conflicts of interest are obvious.

Obama is using the Freemasonic model for gathering intelligence for his Jewish handlers. Just as in Freemasonry, candidates must submit all of their secrets to join the club. This not only provides intelligence on the candidate, but also on many other persons with whom the candidate has had dealings, as well as business plans, contacts, interconnections, etc. In addition, this sets a dangerous precedent for the destruction of the 4th Amendment and the loss of privacy.

Our President-Elect is already spying on us for Israel.

And what kind of a litmus test are the Jews who scrutinize these candidates going to apply in the filtering process? Will anyone who has good will towards the Palestinians make it through? What about those who have authentically opposed aggressive war for Israel? Will Obama's Jews continue Bush's Jews' policy of weeding out patriotic Americans from the Judiciary, the Military and the rest of the Government? You can bet that they will. After all, Obama wouldn't want to be embarrassed in front of his Jewish masters and allow anyone into the American Government who put America's best interests first.