Saturday, November 22, 2008

Expect a Long Depression and a Massive Invasion of Foreign Labor When Jewish Owned Obama Has His Way

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As I predicted, Obama is taking the FDR road to ruin:

Obama Outlines Job Creation Plan

Without a debt free and properly administered currency, Obama's Jewish Socialism can only produce and prolong the coming Depression. What will he do about the illegal foreign labor in America today? What will he do to prevent a rush of foreign labor in the near future? What will he do about the horrific conditions that are about to befall our southern neighbors from Mexico to Chile?

If Obama raises indigenous labor costs with Government jobs and Government subsidized jobs for citizens, he will encourage the exploitation of cheaper foreign labor in the unaided private sector, thereby costing Americans more jobs than they will gain. We will also have to pay the social and political costs of this foreign invasion.

A smarter move would be to export the illegals, and create jobs for Americans and these illegals in foreign countries by developing those nations with American owned businesses and educational institutions. We need to solve several problems at once with each and every step we take, or it will be one small step forward into the abyss.