Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Freemasons Are About to Make Their Move

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish controlled Freemasons, who mass murdered millions of Armenian Christians, who put Lenin and Trotsky into power to mass murder tens of millions of Slavic Christians, the Freemasons are about to make their move. Freemasons exist to recruit and Judaize members who will destroy governments, ruin religions and mass murder Goyim, especially smart and courageous Goyim so as to weaken competing races and leave the Jews as if "natural leaders".

For example, when the Jews pitted the Russian People against the Russian Government, they blamed the Russian Government for the actions of the Jews to destroy Russia, and then provoked the Russians to destroy themselves and mass murder their leaders and intelligentsia. The Jews next filled nearly all positions of power with Jews and foreigners. The Jews had the chutzpah to next claim that there were not enough educated Russians to fill these positions, after they had mass murdered tens of millions of educated Slavs, specifically targeting the educated and courageous whom they had labeled as "Bourgeoisie" as if it were a crime to be successful in life. The Jews never punished their own for this offense of accumulating wealth.

No, the Jews just mass murdered and plundered their Goyish competition in the name of rescuing them from tyranny. Christian churches burned while Jewish synagogues remained glistening gathering places for Jews to plot more mass murder.

The Freemasons are already whispering with their Jewish colleagues in the media and on the streets that we need a revolution. Whenever anyone proposes reasonable solutions to the problems we face, the Freemasons and Jews pretending to be Joe Everyman speak up to change the subject, ridicule hope and constructive ideas, and promote nihilism and Jewish revolution. They promise you freedom. They will deliver slavery, death, terror, war and starvation.

Of course, the Freemasons are nothing to the Jews but stupid slaves, house negroes, if you will, who coax the other Goys into the slaughterhouse. The stupid Freemasons never seem to learn from history that as they lead the sheep through the gates, a Jew waits inside to put a bullet into the back of the Freemason's head. The Freemasons are the first murdered after they kill the Goy nation, not that that accomplishes much of anything in the way of justice. For that too simply elevates the Jews above all others as the Jewish God commanded in Deuteronomy 7:6.

The Freemasons are about to provoke revolutions around the globe, with a concentrated effort in the Middle East, America and Russia. The Jewish bankers are preparing to "Black Wednesday" the Russians, the way George Soros "Black Wednesday'd" the British. A ruined Rubble will cast disturbing ripples across Eastern Europe and the World, skipping as it eventually sinks.