Saturday, November 29, 2008

How to Spot Agents of Jewry

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The mallato Mischling who claims to be an admirer of Adolf Hitler has taken to advocating the Gold Standard. He is now featured on a tabloid style website, which also promotes gold. This man is associated with habitual smear mongers who promote ridiculous hoaxes which any reasonable person would dismiss as nonsense on their face. Adolf Hitler, himself, as well as his hero Gottfried Feder, warned against the Jews' Gold Standard and spoke of the benefits of fiat currency.

The other members of this crew, who plagiarize my criticisms of their fellows in order to carry on their staged perpetual infighting, are also beginning to deride fiat currency as if it were to blame for the present crisis. In fact, the fiat currency, even with the Jewish usury and overproduction unnecessarily attached to it, has been remarkably resilient and the Jews have had to take extraordinary measures to destroy it.

The Jews and their undue and deliberately destructive influence are the problem, not fiat currency, but you won't learn that from the agents provocateur who would have you believe they are battling against the Jewish bankers. You will also note how frequently some members of this crew apologize for the bankers, in particular for the Rothschilds, and try to deflect our attention away from the Jewish bankers who put Obama in office.

There is an old book available for free on the internet which was published in 1887, which describes the virtues of Greenbacks and the dangers of the Gold Standard. Before buying into the Jews' controlled opposition who advocate the Gold Standard, please read this book:

Sarah E. V. Emery, Seven Financial Conspiracies Which Have Enslaved the American People

The menu on the left side of the webpage contains links to the various chapters of the book as well as other important historic documents.

And always remember that one sure way to spot a controlled opposition agent working for the Jewish bankers is to note when someone criticizes the Jews, then tells you to buy gold and silver and/or advocates the Gold Standard. Of course those who refuse to criticize the Jews and who tell you to buy gold and silver and/or advocate the Gold Standard are also on the Jews' team. Note how these creatures of the night pretend to fight with one another but agree on their love of the Jews' gold and silver. It is like the leaders of the Republican and Democratic Parties who always agree on their love for our enemy, the Jewish State of Israel.