Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Israeli Snake Barack Obama Bites America in the Back and Injects the Candy Coated Venom of Jewish Usury into Our Financial Veins

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

If you can't afford it, charge it! At the request of the Jews who bought him and paid for his campaign, Barack Obama whips out the national high-interest-rate credit card and proposes that a country dying of debt imbibe in more and in a drunken fit smash the windows and set fire to America:

Obama Calls for Stimulus Package

I predicted that this would happen. On 13 October 2008, I wrote,

"World Jewry has completely controlled our Presidential election. We must today choose between their puppet Barack Obama, or their puppet John McCain. In either event, the man who is elected will be the most popular as a result of the election process. No matter which one of the two is elected, he will seek to pump money into the banks, and into the hands of debt ridden Americans, which will increase his short term popularity as a leader. The Jews need a popular President in order to launch new wars. They have not yet attacked Iran, because George Bush is a terribly unpopular President. Should they manufacture a popular President, they will then manufacture a new war."--To Where Will the Money Flow? October 13, 2008

On 5 November 2008, I wrote,

"The Jews want a popular president in order to have him draw us into war, and they will attempt to win Obama popularity by falsely portraying him as if a great and benevolent man. They will have him give out cash to the country. They will manufacture a cult of personality around him. Then they will start World War III. As I predicted long ago, the Israeli vampires are after Russian blood and Obama and Medvedev are poised to give it to them. Look forward to American cities in flames. That is the future of Obama's benevolence."--Barack Obama: A Psychological Profile: November 05, 2008

Blacks have a reputation, deserved or not, for overindulging in credit and wasting money on vanity items which do not secure their future, but rather destroy it. Black comedians joke about it. It is, I think, a fact that blacks who find themselves poverty stricken have not shown a propensity to attempt to save and accumulate wealth. They are by no means alone in this, in fact Hitler lamented in Mein Kampf that the German worker threw away any extra money he may have had on alcohol and other indulgences merely to temporarily alleviate the depressing conditions in which he found himself.

Hitler wrote,

"I, too, had been tossed around by life in the metropolis; in my own skin I could feel the effects of this fate and taste them with my soul. One more thing I saw: the rapid change from work to unemployment and vice versa, plus the resultant fluctuation of income, end by destroying in many all feeling for thrift, or any understanding for a prudent ordering of their lives. It would seem that the body gradually becomes accustomed to living on the fat of the land in good times and going hungry in bad times. Indeed, hunger destroys any resolution for reasonable budgeting in better times to come by holding up to the eyes of its tormented victim an eternal mirage of good living and raising this dream to such a pitch of longing that a pathological desire puts an end to all restraint as soon as wages and earnings make it at all possible. The consequence is that once the man obtains work he irresponsibly forgets all ideas of order and discipline, and begins to live luxuriously for the pleasures of the moment. This upsets even the small weekly budget, as even here any intelligent apportionment is lacking; in the beginning it suffices for five days instead of seven, later only for three, finally scarcely for one day, and in the end it is drunk up in the very first night.

Often he has a wife and children at home. Sometimes they, too, are infected by this life, especially when the man is good to them on the whole and actually loves them in his own way. Then the weekly wage is used up by the whole family in two or three days; they eat and drink as long as the money holds out and the last days they go hungry. Then the wife drags herself out into the neighborhood, borrows a little, runs up little debts at the food store, and in this way strives to get through the hard last days of the week. At noon they all sit together before their meager and sometimes empty bowls, waiting for the next payday, speaking of it, making plans, and, in their hunger, dreaming of the happiness to come.And so the little children, in their earliest beginnings, are made familiar with this misery.

It ends badly if the man goes his own way from the very beginning and the woman, for the children's sake, opposes him. Then there is fighting and quarreling, and, as the man grows estranged from his wife, he becomes more intimate with alcohol. He is drunk every Saturday, and, with her instinct of self-preservation for herself and her children, the woman has to fight to get even a few pennies out of him; and, to make matters worse, this usually occurs on his way from the factory to the barroom. When at length he comes home on Sunday or even Monday night, drunk and brutal, but always parted from his last cent, such scenes often occur that God have mercy! I have seen this in hundreds of instances. At first I was repelled or even outraged, but later I understood the whole tragedy of this misery and its deeper causes. These people are the unfortunate victims of bad conditions! Even more dismal in those days were the housing conditions. The misery in which the Viennese day laborer lived was frightful to behold. Even today it fills me with horror when I think of these wretched caverns, the lodging houses and tenements, sordid scenes of garbage, repulsive filth, and worse."--A. Hitler, translated by R. Manheim, "Years of Study and Suffering in Vienna", Mein Kampf, Volume 1, Chapter 2, Houghton Mifflin Company, (1943/1971), pp. 27-28.

I suspect that blacks will be especially vulnerable to the Jewish bankers' plan to use Obama to send us so deeply into debt through government handouts charged at high rates of interest to the American taxpayer and his descendants, that we will be forced to default on our debts in the near future and hand over our nation to the Jewish bankers. Concurrently, they will use Obama's policy of bread and circuses to win him short term popularity, hoping to elevate Obama to the status of the Black Messiah in the black community. They will attempt to exploit his short term popularity as a means to start wars with Iran, Russia and whomever else they can dupe us into attacking.

How does Obama's plan differ from previous handouts? What has "changed", other than control by Israeli Jews calling themselves "American Republicans" to control by Israeli Jews calling themselves "American Democrats"? I am reminded that crypto-Jews calling themselves "Christians" have long subverted Christianity, while crypto-Jews calling themselves "Muslims" have long subverted Muslims, each bringing Muslims and Christians into wars with each other meant to leave the Jews standing in Jerusalem.

Ultimately, the Jews will scapegoat blacks for their Jewish crimes, just as today they scapegoat Bush and "corporations" for their Jewish crimes against the human race.