Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jewish Bolshevik Totalitarianism in the Name of "Unity"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



On 6 November 2008, I advised people to "Label Obama as a Liar, a Dictator and a Puppet of Israel":

"As the Jews attempt to build a cult of personality around Barack Obama, it is important that from the start we counter their propaganda campaign and tag Obama as the liar, dictator and puppet of Israel that he is.

Obama is a Bolshevik henchman for World Jewry. He will steal away our liberty and destroy our society.

The media refuses to criticize Obama, let alone point out the fact that Barack Obama is a pathological liar and a traitorous puppet tyrant working for the Israelis. However strange it will appear to some at first, given that the Jewish media is trying to make a saint out of Obama, it will become increasingly clear in the near future that Obama is the enemy of the American People, hates us, and will eagerly ruin us. He will quickly show himself to be a tyrant and a warmongering agent of the enemy, Israel.

We must also create distrust of the coming Congress, which will seek to cripple us on behalf of Israel. It is very important that we control the perceptions of the American People, as World Jewry attempts to sell us their deceiful and hateful agents as if our saviors."

Though it perhaps appeared odd on 6 November 2008 for me to write such things about the new feted figure, Barack Obama, it is today clear to all that I was right.

Almost one year ago, on 8 January 2008, I warned that Obama would create a totalitarian Government in the United States of America, and that the one party Government would be a fifth column of Israel, in my article Beating Barack:

"Barack Obama became a Senator under very suspicious circumstances. One could argue that the Democrat and Republican Parties worked together against the interests of their members to place Obama in power, and that he would not have won without this corrupt support. He speaks of "unity" of the two parties, which is his vision of "change".

We can use this as a point of attack by pointing out that Obama, Bloomberg, Lieberman and others are moving us towards totalitarianism. We can show many examples of such "change", the Nazis, the Communists, etc.

Obama is also the darling of the media, including Oprah, an obscenely wealthy woman, and Larry King, a Zionist Jew. This is dangerous to democracy, as the media and State become one.

Obama is a Democrat and the Democrats won many elections on a supposedly anti-war platform, but have not ended the war nor aggressively sought to prosecute the war criminals. If Obama is against war, why is he ignoring the war criminals and the war profiteers? Why is Obama preparing for war against Iran? Why is he sucking up to the Israelis, when it is the Israelis who brought us to attack Iraq and Afghanistan? Surely, we can paint Obama as the dangerous hypocrite that he is.

All the audio-visual material needed to ruin Barack Obama's campaign is readily available. We can show him, and the other One Party / Two Party candidates, offering themselves up to World Jewry and Israel. A true anti-Zionist could raise these issues, which no other candidate will raise. Obama is weak, very weak, as a candidate, but those who lick Israeli spittle will not raise the issues that will defeat Obama. The same is true of John McMadman McCain.

America needs several viable political parties, not the smily faced totalitarianism which the Zionists are creating."

My prediction that Obama would institute totalitarianism in America was correct. Obama has embraced the totalitarian Zionist traitor Joe Lieberman, and Lieberman has given the Kosher stamp to Obama's cabinet picks:

Lieberman: Obama 'about perfect' in Cabinet picks

Obama's totalitarian tendencies are becoming so obvious, that they have generated a controversy involving John Brennan and Robert Gates.