Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Jews Are Openly Stealing from Our Old and Stealing from Our Young and Yet We Do Nothing to Oppose Them

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Have we Americans completely lost our Volksprinzip? Do we so neglect to raise our children with a love of our country and our fellow citizens that we allow the Jews to openly steal trillions of dollars from us and fail to take to Wall Street with a single sign of protest?

Is it alright by us that Jewish bankers corrupt our Government to hand over to them trillions of our dollars, which theft bankrupts our babies, while the same Jews are shorting equities in ways that steal the pensions from our elderly while concurrently killing the value of their homes, thus leaving the old without any means of support and cutting the throats of their grandchildren before their weak and fading eyes?

Have we so lost our sense of ourselves as a common People that we lounge around grazing on potato chips as the Jews rip apart our nation, spit on our heritage and gut our future? Have we so neglected to raise our children with a love of country and fellow citizen that there is not one to be found among us who will run for President in opposition to Israel's puppets?

Where are our millionaires and billionaires who could easily finance opposition to the Jewish criminals who are hanging our children and our elderly from the flagpoles of our forefathers? How can they be so cowardly and hateful of all that gave them all that they are, that they stand idly by as drooling Jews rape our nation? Why do the rich send our children to soldier, murder and die for the Jews, but are themselves too cowardly to even finance an ounce of opposition, let alone stand up for themselves to stand up for our nation and our People? What has become of us?