Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Jews Are Provoking Us to Revolution, Much Like They Did to Russia in 1905 and 1917

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A friend has directed my attention to a YouTube video featuring Naomi Wolf. Listen to the feminist Jew Naomi Wolf self-promote her book with the same fear mongering hype she condemns in others:

Interview - Naomi Wolf - Give Me Liberty

The Jews are provoking us to effectively destroy our country's government in the name of the Founding Fathers of our country, just as the Jews provoked the Russians to destroy their own nation and enslave themselves in the name of patriotism and liberty. Note the thinly veiled old Jewish cry of liberty, equality and fraternity, which has historically resulted in terror and dictatorship. Note the old Jewish cry to effectively seize the government and arrest government officials, which has historically enabled the Jews to scape goat Gentiles and install a new set of Jewish and Jewish controlled criminals into government as if our saviors. Note the old Jewish tactic of recalling "anti-Semitism" as a model for action today, thereby falsely painting Jews as victims, when they are in fact the aggressors. Note the Jewish failure to identify Israel and Jewry as the enemies of the American People, while scape goating "corporations" for the actions of the Israeli fifth column and fourth estate in America.

The Timothy McVeigh team I have written about before, who are in supposed opposition to such Jews as Naomi Wolf, have taken to attempting to infiltrate the Neo-Nazi Movement. There is no need for the FBI to make such a move, because they already represent the majority of card carrying Neo-Nazis.

The goals of the Jewish bankers are obviously to convert every radical group to a Jewish revolutionary mind set, and to provoke some idiot into committing an act of violence in order to provide the Congress and press with a pretext with which to steal away Americans' fundamental rights.

The very few sincere Neo-Nazis in existence are evidently quite ignorant of what Nazism was, and how the Nazis came to power, which leaves them vulnerable to this Jewish mental conditioning against their best interests.

The Nazis did not come to power through a violent revolution. The infamous Beer Hall Putsch was a failure.

The Nazis came to power through organized political action. They won seats in the Reichstag, because they came into money and began to organize politically in a sophisticated campaign, with sophisticated propaganda. The stupid Neo-Nazis, misdirected by Jews and government agents, have never succeeded politically, because they have never raised large sums of money nor made a political appeal to Americans that Americans would find appealing. The stupid Neo-Nazis, misdirected by Jews and government agents, instead threw their money and support behind the Jewish puppet and propagandist Ron Paul, who did manage to receive large sums of money and who was supported through political organization (by the Jewish gold merchants), but who represents everything sincere Nazis opposed politically.

The Nazis opposed the gold standard. The Nazis opposed the Capitalists and the unregulated private control of land and of loan capital. The Nazis took the Capitalists' money, but the intent of sincere Nazis was always to use this money to drive Jewish Capitalism from the European Continent forever.

And there were sincere Nazis, Hitler, Goebbels, Heydrich, Eichmann and other Bolshevik Zionists not among them.

So why did the Nazis, under Hitler's leadership, and through Gottfried Feder's tutelage, oppose the Jews' gold standard; and why did FDR, an agent of Jewish Communism, seize gold for the Jews; if Hitler was working for the Jews, and paper money unencumbered with debt is bad for the Jews?

The Jews wanted a prolonged and devastating Second World War, which would eclipse the carnage and destruction of WW I. There was not nearly enough gold in existence to provide the loan capital needed to finance the war machine required in Germany and America to fund the wartime economies of those nations. So the Jews taught Hitler, through Feder, how to make his own money, how to circulate it, and how to engage in international trade without throwing out all of Germany's growth into the slop bucket of Jewish usury, nor let the Jews intervene in international trade and harvest the wealth of German production as middlemen.

In this way, the Jews, who also poured money directly into Germany, financed Hitler in order to ultimately destroy Germany, and much of Europe, through Jewish manufactured war. They had done the same with their agent Napoleon Bonaparte, who considered himself to be the Jews' messiah, who tried to take Palestine for the Jews, who emancipated the Jews, and who was rewarded by the Jews with prison as punishment for promoting good Gentile-Jewish relations, which led to Jewish assimilation--the Jews most hated enemy.

Had the Jews kept America and Germany on a gold leash, there never would have been the investment capital necessary to build the German and American war machines. That required paper money, so the Jewish bankers taught the Germans how to free themselves from the yoke of the Jewish bankers' gold standard, but their intent was not to have the Germans remain forever free and prosperous, but rather to drive the Germans into their graves through their agent and warmonger Adolf Hitler. The Jews gave Esau a little porridge in exchange for his birthright.

Had the Germans instead poured the new investment capital into education, foreign investment and land improvement projects abroad, which they poured into wartime production and expenses, they could have conquered the World with kindness and in a sustainable way. Alas, the Jews would have attempted to scuttle such attempts and had the Soviets and British attack Germany, but that is the subject of speculation, not history.

We must not fall into the Jewish revolutionary trap. The way to defeat the Jews is not by tearing our country apart and thereby opening the door to a Jewish dictator who promises to "restore order" by ruling with an iron fist, and who will certainly lead us into World War III. No, the way to beat the Jews is to provide Americans with an alternative to the Jews' puppet leaders and the Jews' nihilistic revolutions, to take reasonable and constructive political action, to take control over our money and not to take the Jewish bait of Bolshevik revolution and Jewish gold.

Solzhenitsyn warned against the Jewish revolutionary spirit. He spoke of how stupid the Russians were to destroy themselves in the name of saving themselves.

We can learn a great deal from what the Jews taught the Nazis to build their wartime economy. We can also learn from how the Jews then destroyed Germany. We can eat the fattened swine without swallowing the swill, without falling into the pit of war and revolution.

We are today in a different position from Germany and America in the Second World War. Today, we have stockpiles of nuclear bombs. The Jews' goal is to drive us into a depression so that we will conclude, with their advice, that the nuclear option is our only option to fight wars. That is one of the reasons why the Jews want us on a gold standard. That is one of the reasons why the Jews are driving us into a depression.

We simply won't be able to afford conventional warfare for much longer, and the Jews will cry out through all their controlled venues of the media, government and controlled opposition that we need war and must fight it with nuclear weapons, because we cannot afford conventional war. They will scape goat the "enemy" they have manufactured through false flag terrorism and other means for our economic crisis, which the Jews themselves have deliberately caused, and in this way pit the Goyim against the Goyim in the rush to the Jewish Battle of Armageddon. In this way, the Jews are deliberately manufacturing the coming nuclear war. Note that the Jews created this mythology of absolute destruction 2,500 years ago and incorporated it into Christianity and Islam. The curse is Jewish through and through.

Beware of those who invoke the memory of the Founding Fathers of America as they attempt to provoke a Jewish revolution which will destroy America. Remember that the Devil can quote Scripture for his own ends (Matthew 4:5-6).